Spirits on The Rocks – 107 on the Rocks


WHEN: 24/7 7 Apr 2022 – 1 May 2022

COST: Free

LOCATION: 107 on The Rocks

“Spirits on The Rocks” are a series of Aboriginal Female protector spirits created by artistic duo Madwings (Maddison Gibbs and Jason Wing).


The images are drawn in nature sitting, listening, watching, slowing down and letting nature guide the story. There are 6 different spirits and the imagery is drawn from seeds, nuts, plants, medicine. The spirits lay the path around ‘Tallawoladah’, they reflect women leading the way for regeneration of country and culture as they have done so for thousands of years.

These spirits will pave the way…  connecting the four Rocks pop-up venues and enticing people to explore.


Event details:

📍 Location: Around The Rocks

🕒 Opening hours: All hours

This exhibition is a part of 107 on the Rocks, a multi-arts festival experience bringing the weird, wonderful and unexpected to reality - find out what else is happening here: