107 is now driven by nine and a half equivalent full-time staff, casual staff and generous volunteers.

General Manager

CEO + Founding Member

Marketing and Communications Manager

Operations Manager

Community Engagement and Venue Manager of 107 Green Square

Community Engagement and Venue Manager of 107 Redfern

Sam Goodhew Visual Designer

Board Members


These creatively inspired and dedicated people help our organisation in countless ways to deliver our year-round creative and community programs. From volunteering as front of house hosts, to maintaining our building or helping out in our administration, they’ve all contributed in small and large ways to keeping our multi-arts hub afloat.


Emily Lopez

Felixe Rives

Ilaria Vanni Accarigi

Dylan Waldron

Alexandra Ioppolo

Eav Brennan

Jess Liang

Nicola Marshall

Alisha Mendosa

Anoushka Sansom

Laura Cristina Zuluaga Gomez



George Sheridan

Phil Downing

Founding Members

Alasdair Nicol

Chris Hancock

Jamie Gerlach

Jess Cook

Kali Reid

Matthew Venables

Michelle McCosker

ROCCO Committee

Hannah Saunders

Sian Kathleen Wong

Linh Pham

Eva Maree Tobin

Bronwyn Carrol

Aboriginal Advisory

Nadeena Dixon

Jason Wing

+ a variety of incredible First Nations supporters


Sam Goodhew