Redfern Street Artist Studios

Artist studio
A high angle view of the Artist Studios


107 devotes 165 square metres at Redfern St to affordable, long term, non residential studio space that supports a diversity of professional creative practitioners, who are engaged with the local community.

Selection Criteria

Space is allocated based on availability, and the following criteria. A successful studio residency applicant will:

  • Increase, or, maintain the diversity of artforms practiced within the studios
  • Maintain a minimum of 7 hours activity within the studio space per week
  • Maintain a satisfactory WHS plan and relevant control measures
  • State an intention and plan to engage with local community
  • Participate in social and cultural activities within the Redfern St facility 
  • Provide a regular update to 107 on their community engagement and maintenance of minimum required activity

Process of Application

Submit a written proposal anytime via the online form below, or arrange a time for an in-person presentation via the contacts provided. Applications are prioritised for vacancies based on responses to the selection criteria.

Redfern St Studio enquiries email to

Area Allocation

  • One standard studio space is 9 square meters
  • One standard studio space can be shared by up to 2 people
  • Minimum residency duration is 3 months


The standard, fortnightly rate is $30 incl. GST per square meter (Dec 2019).

A subsidy up to 50% off the standard rate is available on up to one standard studio space, additional square meterage is charged at the standard rate. The percentage of subsidy allocated is based on the degree to which a resident can maintain the studio selection criteria.

Application Form