Redfern Co-Working Space

Working from home can be challenging. It’s lonely on a computer by yourself. No one to talk to, to share ideas with or ask for feedback. It’s also fraught with opportunities for distraction (cleaning is work, right?).

And yet the options are pretty slim. Do a quick search for co-working spaces in Sydney, and you’ll find that most of them are membership based. Head to a café and you run the risk of no wi-fi, no power points, or a surly barista glaring at you after half an hour with the same coffee.

So we’ve got a lack of space to work (for free) and a charity that’s all about making space for people to be creative. It’s a no brainer, really! That’s part of why we’ve decided to transform our café into a co-working space during the day.

BYO coffee or lunch and take advantage of our free wi-fi, plenty of desk space and comfy couches. We’ve got creative people from all disciplines ducking in and out, so there’s no shortage of inspiration or advice. From 4pm Wednesday – Saturday we also operate as a bar (serving beer, wine, coffee & steamed dumplings), so we’ve got your after-work tipple covered too.

Just chuck a couple dollars in our donation box and we’ll love you forever.

Co-working space open: from 11am, Tuesday – Sunday.

Bar open for events.

Need private space for a meeting or small group discussion? A meeting room upstairs is available for hire, minimum 3 hours for $66.