107 Projects Inc. Making places with Purpose.

We welcome bold, creative ideas.

We are inclusive and value difference and diversity.

We believe creativity is nurtured from the seeds of wild ideas.

We create places for discovery.

We are irreverent, offbeat, and positively disruptive.

We are made not manufactured.

We are strengthened by deep thinking, good design and innovative strategy.

We provide safe spaces for all community members.

We offer accessible venues and subsidy to those who need it.

Stepping into 107 is a bit like stepping inside the creative mind. Experiments happen and shit gets weird – but ultimately great work emerges from a rich, creative culture.

So come on in and discover creativity in its natural habitat. You’re all welcome!

What We Do

Our mission: To support the well being of communities by connecting them with places, programs and pathways to live creatively.

Our approach: We are an independent Charity focussed on evolving how the creative industries engage with the wider community to create positive social change and support emerging communities to be more connected, healthy, and sustainable.



107 Redfern Street

107 Redfern

A repurposed car garage in Redfern that is now a multipurpose creative hub. Focused on providing affordable and flexible facilities, 107 Redfern supports exhibition and performance spaces, artist studios, workshop, event and co-working spaces, offices, a rooftop garden and public social areas. This independent community hub has proudly been serving the community since 2011.

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107 Green Square

Launched in 2018, Joynton Avenue houses over 25 creative practitioners, organisations and start-ups; as well as supporting creative education programs, jewellery making, exhibitions and cultural events.

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107 South Eveleigh

Located in the heart of the South Eveleigh innovation precinct, 107 South Eveleigh is an open plan customisable space that can accommodate up to 200 people. 107 South Eveleigh is the precinct’s community heartbeat, and exemplifies innovation, creativity, inclusivity and diversity.

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107 Presents

107 Presents

107 Presents takes audiences beyond the expected to experience a curated multi-arts program that is innovative, experimental, enticing and accessible.  It’s all about supporting cutting edge projects of artistic excellence that are grounded by a grass roots heartbeat. These small to large scale projects are produced in partnership with independent creatives  and our incredible mix of partners.

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107 Agency

With over 20 years of experience under our collective belts, we have a diverse mix of creative services, from Consultancy to Art Direction.  Offered at commercial rates, they increase 107’s self generated income which is reinvested back into community projects.

Where We Came From

107 Projects is the combined vision of seven of the driving forces behind Knot Gallery, The Frequency Lab and Token Imagination. From 2001–2005 these groups operated an artist run space at Studio 107, Hibernian House, Surry Hills. Renowned for its relaxed and welcoming environment, the space was home to a broad spectrum of music, performance, improving written English using, spoken word poetry and visual arts. Determined to do it louder and bolder, the search for a new home began in 2008.

In 2011, through the passion and determination of its founding members, along with the support from the many people and organisations who gave their time, energy and money 107 was reborn when the City of Sydney’s Accommodation Grant Program endowed the collective with a decommissioned car garage, serendipitously located at 107 Redfern St., Redfern.

Here’s what we inherited:

107 Projects

And here’s what it looks like now:

107 Projects


In 2018, our footprint expanded to include 107 Green Square (Joynton Avenue Creative Centre), the heart of the new Green Square 278 hectare cultural and community precinct. 107 Green Square has been beautifully restored and transformed from its previous use as South Sydney Hospital nurses quarters, with many architectural features creating a nod to the building’s history. The location provides spaces for artists, creative practitioners and organisations, and facilitates creative educational programs, jewellery making, workshops, exhibitions and cultural events. It is an inviting and welcoming space for the community through the provision of rich social, cultural and creative experiences for all.