Giving to 107 means keeping the Redfern community creative and inclusive. Your support helps artists exhibit and perform; facilitates community classes in woodworking, gardening and arts, and a social space open six days a week for the community to connect, work and play. Your support of 107 goes beyond only us – the impact from your contribution also benefits 10 not-for-profit resident organisations and 14 resident artists who use our facilities year-round.

Since opening 107 Redfern Street in November 2011, 107 has transformed a closed, disused car park into an open creative cultural hub that’s become an indispensable part of Redfern – supporting more than 11,000 artists, hosting over 1600 events and welcoming more than 105,847 people to connect, experience culture and live creatively.

In 2016-2017 107 is producing a whole new series of creative initiatives under our curated program 107 Presents.

107 Presents is focused on new work, the unexpected and the risky, comprising:

  1. The New Plot – a national development award for playwrights, bringing new Australian stories to the stage by developing the talent that makes them possible.
  2. Hack Sounds – Using the latest electronic tools Hack Sounds combines music education, collaboration, technology and inclusive design to explore accessible ways to create music.
  3. Launching a curatorial council, bringing together internationally renowned multi-form artists – Victoria Hunt, Clayton Thomas, Julie Vulcan and Nick Wales – to curate mini-festival experiences throughout the year.
  4. An artist residency – in 2017, taken up by Jason Wing with his exhibition Blak Mirror.

As always, you are welcome to visit us in person at 107 Redfern Street and see exactly where your money will go.

If you have a question, would like to know more about a project or would like to donate via cheque or other method, contact Dario –

Become a Key Player for The New Plot

The Key Players are a collective of supporters, combining their impact to empower The New Plot to reach further; to bring bold new Australian stories to the stage.

Give $250 or more and become a Key Player.


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