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Barbara McGrady

Pictures are worth a thousand words.

“I strive to tell a story and evoke an emotion.”

Barbara is a Gamilaroi Murri Yinah (woman) from North Western NSW and Southern Queensland. A meticulous Sydney – based photojournalist & media accredited NRL/AFL & title fight Boxing sports photographer. She resides & works on the land of the Gadigal people to which she pays her respects. Her images capture the passion and achievements of contemporary Aboriginal history.

Telling the story through her unique sociological eye, Barbara desecribes herself as an observer and a protagonist, a’documentarian’of historical events that are important to Aboriginal people and culture and Australian people in general.

Barbara’s works include commissions for The Barangaroo Authority, The Sydney Harbour Forshore Authority, NAIDOC/Sydney City Council, Leichhardt Council, KARI, ANTAR, Closing the Gap, NITV/SBS, National Indigenous Times, The Guardian, The Sunday Telegraph.

Barbara’s work has been shown in The Sydney Bienalle @The Art Gallery & Campbelltown Arts Centre. Her photographic work is in the Australian Museum, Library of NSW and her Retrospective was on display in the Australian Centre of Photography, Darlinghurst in 2017.

Barbara is the recipient of the National Indigenous Human Rights Award for social documentary photography 2014 and The International Solid Screen for Indigenous women was awarded to Barbara for Photo Media documentation in 2015.

Lorna Munro

Lorna Munro is a Wiradjuri and Gamilaroi woman, multidisciplinary artist, poet and podcaster whose work across the arts and education draws from her knowledge of her community and history. Her curation of audio/visual work for the Redfern/Waterloo Community Archive and Family Histories Project (launched in 2019 at 107) is a reclamation and assertion of data sovereignty disrupting gentrifying forces and new wave colonisation.

Lorna is revisiting the archive for Made in Redfern and will program a community day poetry writing workshop, as well as offering archiving assistance to community members and opportunities for community members to document their lives and family life with family photography sessions and interviews and presenting new poetry and curatorial practice.

Jamie Gray

Jamie Gray is a Eora based photographer and cinematographer who works within narrative, music, video art & documentary; with this experience leading him to shoot his first feature Volcano Man in 2022. This has created a balanced and versatile skill set for his cinematography, photography and art. Jamie is constantly trying to position himself within an environment that is enlightening, collaborative and rewarding.

Jamie will be engaging in the Made in Redfern exhibition by creating a two channel video work with audio from community members about what Redfern means to them. This video artwork will be creating a space for the audience to listen & engage with the voice of Redfern, while showing a meditative visual representation of architectural and community space.

Sophie Parry

Sophie Parry is a Textile Designer and Small Business Owner, who founded Sydney Creative in 2019 within 107 Projects in Redfern. Since then, Sophie has opened her own venue on Regent St, teaching all kinds of creative workshops from sewing to painting, jewellery-making and more.

Sophie will be creating a Tapestry representing Redfern in 2023 for the Made In Redfern Residency Program. This will be a collaboration between Sydney Creative and the local community who have kindly donated old clothes to be used as fabric for the tapestry.

Carlos Gomes

Carlos Gomes is a multidisciplinary artist who has worked with diverse art forms and cultures to create performances, installations and public art works. He has collaborated with numerous arts and community organisations both nationally and internationally.

Resilience, Radiance, Redfern will capture the strength and energy of the Redfern community in an art installation for Made In Redfern that combines ceramics, photography and community engagement. “Resilience Beads”, made by members of the community, will encapsulate the power, persistence and beauty that defines the Redfern community.



Beth Radford


Beth Radford is a visual artist working in hard-edge geometric abstraction. She has been working as a professional artist since 2008 and is represented in New York by David Richard gallery. She has a very systematic approach to creating works which is informed by her background in finite mathematics. She composes works by setting particular parameters and sketching numerous permutations of colour and pattern. She often paints ‘cubescapes’ which are arrays of quadrilaterals that form fluid cubic patterns.

Bridget Kelly


Bridget Kelly is an emerging artist who lives and works in Sydney. A committed colourist, Bridget works in the mediums of drawing, painting and screen-printing. In 2018, Bridget won the Blooming Arts –Emerging Artists Prize, awarding her a mentorship opportunity at the prestigious Sydney University to audit classes in Print Media at Sydney College of the Arts. Bridget is a founding member of Studio ARTES Inner West, a creative community for adults living with disability in Sydney.  


Olli Bown


Olli is researcher and maker working with creative technologies. He has a highly diverse academic background spanning social anthropology, evolutionary and adaptive systems, music informatics and interaction design, with a parallel career in electronic music and digital art spanning over 15 years. He interested in how artists, designers and musicians can use advanced computing technologies to produce complex creative works




Madwings are a Contemporary Aboriginal Art duo based on Wiradjuri lands. Jason Wing and Maddie Gibbs push the boundaries across artforms to celebrate their ancient culture and help heal the post-colonial scars on country.

From epic sized murals, consultation, workshop facilitation and multi arts experiences, they invite people to reflect and connect.


Nicole Monks

Nicole Monks is a trans-disciplinary artist of Yamatji Wajarri, Dutch and English heritage.  Monks is informed by her cross-cultural identity and her work takes its focus from storytelling, as a way to connect the past with the present and future.

Her designs take a conceptual approach, often embedded with narratives, and aim to promote cross-cultural understanding and communication.


Sarah Doyle


Sarah Doyle is an award-winning Australian playwright and filmmaker. 

She is alum of American Film Institute (Los Angeles) and Macquarie University (Sydney).

Sarah has extended her offering and sharing her expertise by designing and managing performance workshops along the east coast of Australia.


Erin Keys


Erin Keys has over 20 years experience as a jeweller, designer and educator with a diverse range of achievements in various facets of craft and design. 

Participating in nearly 100 exhibitions in Australia and overseas since 1999, her practice spans one-off exhibition pieces, bespoke commissions and a limited edition production range available through several stockists.

Jaime Gray


Jamie Gray is a Sydney based film-maker, photographer and cinematographer. His passion for collaboration and art is the driving force behind creating beautiful moving images. 

Jamie is key to our ability to tell the story of REFLECTION and how it is bringing a new layer of colour, warmth, shape and light to places and precincts 107 activates..


The House that Dan Built


The House is a visionary force that creates unique experiences to change the world.

The House is an ecosystem that empowers and supports female artists to achieve a balance of learning, teaching and doing, so that they can create works of meaning and become the best person they can be.


Jeff McCann


Jeff McCann is an artist, educator, artistic director and foremost a story-teller, working between the visual and performing arts through a wide range of mediums including sculpture, fashion, installation, public art and performance. 

Inspired heavily by avant-garde fashion, surface design and tapestries, Jeff takes what is considered rubbish and transforms it into new work that ranges from theatrical fashion, accessories, functional products, art and sculpture.

Unfunded Empathy


Unfunded Empathy is a producing and marketing service for contemporary artists. We seek radical change; deep connection; sweaty moments of abandon. 

Unfunded Empathy is a side-hustle of sorts; a creative outlet to exorcise political and economic anxieties



Not-for-profit artist run initiative Elevator has opened its doors in the cultural hub of Lismore. Including a gallery space, artist studios and courtyard, Elevator is committed to provide a space of inclusivity and open dialogue.

With a strong focus on experimental artforms including sound art, performance and multi-disciplinary practices, Elevator provides Lismore and the region exposure to art and artists not commonly provided in regional centres

Supper Sessions


On the last Sunday of each month we set the table for a big, delicious, celebratory feast.

Each time we welcome a different (and fabulous) chef to cook up a three-course vegetarian meal on the sunny rooftop of 107 Projects in Redfern, Sydney. The $ from your ticket is pooled into a $1000 independent grant – awarded to an artist on the night of the dinner to kick start a creative project.

The vibe is collective joy, deliciousness, laughter, sharing, supporting one another and creating better futures, together.

Living Room Theatre


Living Room Theatre are a collective of like-minded but diversely talented artists, exploring the challenging aspects of humanity through theatre, dance, music, vocals and sound.

Bending convention, and the boundaries of artistic practice, to offer audiences unique and explorative experiences.

For over 20 years the company has delivered an extensive body of theatrical works with unique collaborations across genre, disciplines and industry with our work finding its home in both traditional venues and in spaces hurt and abandoned.

Mark Eliott


Mark Eliott is a contemporary artist working primarily with glass. His themes include: sculptural abstraction informed by music and synaesthesia, the dance between improvisation and structure, biological representation, storytelling through objects and animation.

He is a valued member of the International community of glass artists. Exhibiting and teaching around Australia and the world.


107 REDFERN Residents

Theatre Kantanka


Kantanka is a creative collective led by artist Carlos Gomes that incorporates the talents of visiting artists, who collaborate on a project-by-project basis. Since Kantanka’s inception in 1995, the company has been making contemporary art, reflecting on our culturally diverse society. The ensemble company has created a number of significant productions – using ancient tales, diverse cultural influences, non-traditional performance sites, and new technologies, while employing a dynamic visual design and a strong physical aesthetic.


Jessica Bradford


Jess Bradford is a Singaporean-born and Sydney-based artist, working across painting, ceramics, video and installation. Bradford’s work explores her mixed race heritage by questioning representations of cultural or national identity. She destabilizes concepts of an original, authentic cultural identity by working with reproductions, copies and self-reflexive forms.

Alba Tijm


Alba Tijm is a  Dutch designer and activist

Since studying fashion design in her hometown of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Alba has been driven by the need to bring attention to the inhumane practices which go on within the fast fashion industry.

Nadeena Dixon


Nadeena Dixon is a Wiradjuri, Yuin & Gadigal Indigenous multi-disciplinary artist. 

She is recognised as a Master Weaver in Indigenous Cultural Traditions, and her cultural practices include dance, song, language, contemporary storytelling, and contemporary ceremony.

James Harney


James is a Sydney based graphic designer and artist. He’s been practicing on and off professionally in the arts for about fifteen years, studying at UNSW Art and Design (COFA). James went on to study graphic design at Enmore. He now works full time as a designer. 


Iman Irannejad

Iman is an Iranian-born painter who currently resides in Sydney, Australia. He has a passion for portraiture and figurative art, creating expressive pieces that reflect his emotions towards his subjects. Iman is currently working on a surrealistic body of work as part of his residency with 107. Before pursuing his painting career, Iman worked as a filmmaker for several years and has also written two novels in Persian.

Caleb Slater

Sydney based Caleb works in a range of mediums from painting, drawing, and also ceramics. The work he
create intends to act as a social spotlight on modern urban life, to capture the human condition in a way that is raw and flawed.

Through the extraction of facial features and the elongation of the human form, Caleb channels the anxiety that resigns within the everyday man, the working class. To pull out this internalized angst and insert it into paintings and ceramics forms that although at first glances appear to be in a state of contorted agony perhaps propose a duality of elegance and beauty that arises out of dark.

One Door

Through One Door, people living with mental illness and their families can find an inclusive community, innovative services and advocacy support.

One Door Mental Health is the new name for the Schizophrenia Fellowship of NSW. Creating a world in which people with a mental illness are valued and treated as equals is at the heart of everything we do.

For more than 35 years, One Door has designed and delivered expert mental health programs that are now accessible through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). One Door Mental Health is a leading mental health provider specialising in severe and persistent mental illnesses.

Art Processors

Art Processors is a global experiential design and technology company, who partner with cultural and tourism organisations to invent new realities of human experience.

They offer specialist interactive media and exhibition design services that set a new standard for immersive storytelling, alongside a technology platform that makes it easy to deliver, benchmark and continually improve experiences.


Intimate Spectacle


Intimate Spectacle is an independent performing arts producing company based in Sydney, Australia, working across genres, from contemporary theatre & dance theatre to live art, interactive performance, and events in between “the arts” and popular culture. 

They are interested in work that’s engaging, surprising, perhaps playful, but with substance, and full of heart.


Emmaleen Diaz


Emmaleen Diaz has been creating art since she was eight years old. Born in Colombia and raised in Australia, her practice focuses on expressive portrait and abstract painting, often enriched with vibrant colours and bold brush strokes.

She is compelled to portray the rich and intricate life stories she sees in the human face and using the spontaneous gestural  paint on the canvas to creative vibrant expressive abstract work.  Diaz is currently studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at the National Art School in Sydney (NAS). 

Diaz was the inaugural artist in residence at Mental Gallery (Bowral, NSW) and has had work exhibited at the Aarwun Gallery in Canberra, Penrith Regional Gallery, Tyger Gallery Yass and Hillview Heritage Hotel.  She is the 2023 scholarship creative arts winner of the Veolia Mulwree fund.

African Youth Initiative


Africa Youth Initiative (AYI) Centres is a youth mentoring service set up in Ghana, West Africa with programs currently in development in Sydney, Australia. Our aim is to support the education and development of vulnerable African youths, through committed face to face mentoring, access to educational resources.

AYI Centres’ mentoring programs are about providing a place for youths between the ages of 8-17yrs to gather, learn and play in a structured and supportive environment. It’s about valuing the importance of recreation in helping children learn and grow into mature adults

Gemma Pitcher


Gemma Pitcher is a consultant who helps advocacy organisations and NGOs find more strategic ways to tell their campaign stories and meet their stakeholders’ needs.

As well as her passion for more effective messaging, she loves research, writing, technology, training, connecting people, generating ideas, building relationships and working in fun creative teams.

Tribal Warrior


Tribal Warrior has been a central part of the Redfern community for over two decades. Throughout this time of rebuild and change, their vision has been unwavering – to empower our community through connection to culture and family. All activities are designed to contribute to a Redfern that is strong in its history, proud of its achievements, and economically self-sustaining into the future.

The core of Tribal Warrior’s work revolves around:
  • Mentoring younger members of the community and their families.
  • Sharing and practicing culture.
  • Providing employment pathway opportunities.
  • Facilitating greater economic participation.
  • The outcome of this work is the creation of diverse employment and income generation streams. This diversity places the Redfern community in an ideal position to adapt to and meet evolving challenges as well as grasp opportunities as they arise.

107 GREEN SQUARE Residents

Shaun Parker & Company


Shaun Parker & Company is an exhilarating and bold Australian dance company that has exploded onto the international dance scene. 

It creates critically acclaimed dance productions, which are renowned for their integration of stimulating choreographic forms, arresting musical scores and theatrical invention.


The Rizzeria


The Rizzeria is a collective of printmakers & self-publishers. 

They own and run an eco-friendly Risograph stencil press that they make available for public use through workshops and open print sessions. They also offer a scope of creative services, from the art direction and production of small press books, zines and limited edition prints, to the creation of educational resources and workshop programs.

Florian Jambu


Florain is a Brand Designer with over a decade of experience in creating and improving brands.

From Paris and Barcelona, to Melbourne and Sydney today, I’ve been learning and accumulating knowledge from different cultures, studios and ways of working.

These different experiences have helped me to develop a wide range of skills – strategic thinking, art direction, digital, motion and environmental design.


Kuri Studio


Kuri Studio is an architecture studio led by Christina Sunario, specialising in tailored single residential.

Christina is also an object maker under her label, Made by Kuri, experimenting with various materials, such as ceramic, porcelain, and leather.

Christina’s work through Kuri Studio x Made by Kuri encompasses architecture and artisan objects. The work from both studios complements each other in the exploration of materials, aesthetics, scale, tactility and utility. 


The Story Mill


The Story Mill are a storytelling and filmmaking duo, creating content that not only tells your story but also stands out in the sea of media and engages your audience.

They are a young, professional agency that focuses on fresh content that is flexible in method, style and goals.


Archrival is a non-profit architecture organisation focused on productive rivalry in design practices. 

Our projects range from “traditional” architecture to custom furniture, set design, large scale interactive installations, strategic infrastructure, collaborative workshops and exhibitions. 

City People


City People provide, arts and cultural strategy, culture-led placemaking, arts programming and producing and project implementation.

In our rapidly growing cities with diverse and changing populations, arts and culture offer innovative ways to build stronger communities and better places. 

Arts and cultural practices develop attachment between places and people. 

The Bench


The Bench is a safe working and learning environment, complete with a wide inventory of tools and equipment. 

It is a space to learn traditional and contemporary jewellery techniques, and to develop ideas and projects.

Sydney Improvised Music Association (SIMA)


The Sydney Improvised Music Association Inc. (SIMA) is a not-for -profit incorporated association. 

Established in 1984 to address the lack of performance opportunities for contemporary jazz and improvised music, today we are one of the largest organisations in Australia dedicated solely to the sector.

Melissa Katherine Photography


As a portrait and branding photographer who works mostly with wom*n,  Melissa is passionate about challenging the narrow ideals of beauty perpetuated by the mainstream media and fashion industries.

National Council of Women


The National Council of Women of NSW Inc. is one of the oldest women’s organisations in Australia and is the coordinating body for almost 60 affiliated organisations as well as a large number of individual members.

NCW NSW coordinates the concerns of scores of member organisations and a similar number of individual members as they work to improve the status of women and their families in NSW. The organisation is non-sectarian and non-party political

Red Room Poetry


Red Room Poetry (RR) is Australia’s leading organisation for commissioning, creating, publishing and promoting poetry in meaningful ways.Our poetic projects are created in collaboration with a spectrum of poets, communities and partners for positive impact in core areas of environment, amplification, First Nations, youth and marginalised voices. We programPoetry Monthevery August, a national celebration of poetry to help increase access, awareness and visibility of poetry in all its forms and for all audiences.


Past Residencies


FBi Radio Artists In the lead up to their 15th birthday celebrations, artists Louise Zhang, Bobby Vibe Positive, Mikaela Stafford, Tyler Ray Hawkins, Nadia Hernandez, Nadia Odlum, Sophie PY and students and staff from TAFE NSW Eora College took over Joynton Avenue Creative Centre to craft gloopy sculptures, giant inflatables and immersive lightworks for the festival.


Christine Davey, Playwright Developed her original play, The Last Tiger, at Bundanon Trust. Jason Wing, Artist & Curator Curated Blak Mirror, an exhibition by a group of Indigenous multidisciplinary artists reflecting their view of Australian society through a black lens. Sarah Doyle, The runner up in 107’s 2017 playwriting competition, The New Plot.