Through our 107 Presents program, 107 is able to support a diverse range of new Australian work through a number of artist residencies.

Current Residencies

Jamie Gray

Jamie Gray is a Sydney based film-maker, photographer and cinematographer.

His passion for collaboration and art is the driving force behind creating beautiful moving images. Having studied for a number of years, Jamie ventured from straight documentary to art installations during his University days, which greatly influenced his perspective on how he uses a camera.

Jamie now is a freelance who works from commercial to video art to documentary, constantly trying to position himself within an environment that is enlightening and awakening. Jamie wants to constantly work with and learn from the moving image, art and storytelling.

“This residency to me is a huge wonderful gift and something that will work as a driving force to create more, experiment more and just do more. 107 are an incredible force in art within Sydney and to have them so close, and to work with them is such an honour,” he says.

The New Plot Residency with Milk Crate Theatre

In 2015 news broke in the Waterloo Redfern Housing community that residents would have to move from their homes, due to plans for development in the area. Three years later and these residents – some of whom have lived in the Estate for 50 years – have still received no certain information as to where they will be “relocated”, let alone when. 
Addressing themes of bureaucracy, waiting, and facing the unknown, INTERIM is a new performance work in development by Milk Crate Theatre, supported under the 107 Presents: The New Plot residency program. The work will encompass the stories and experiences of current residents of the Waterloo Redfern Housing Estates.

This project will also function as a supported mentorship, as the making of the piece will be designed and facilitated by two participants of Milk Crate Theatre’s Developing Artists Program; where participants learned about self-production and were paired with mentors to begin development on their own new works.

Nicole Monks

Nicole Monks

Nicole Monks is a trans-disciplinary artist of Yamatji Wajarri, Dutch and English heritage. Living and practicing in Redfern, Monks is informed by her cross-cultural identity and her work takes its focus from storytelling, as a way to connect the past with the present and future. Her designs take a conceptual approach, often embedded with narratives, and aim to promote cross-cultural understanding and communication.

Nicole is currently developing a new work, gawura guruwin, for Sculptures by the Sea 2018. Drawn by local Gadigal Elder Charles Madden, gawura guruwin celebrates the continuous connection of First Nations people to this land and its oceans. The gawura guruwin dreaming story will be ignited as a sculptural fire engaging the whole community.

Jeff McCann

Jeff McCann

Jeff McCann is an artist, educator, artistic director and foremost a story-teller, working between the visual and performing arts through a wide range of mediums including sculpture, fashion, installation, public art and performance.

Inspired heavily by avant-garde fashion, surface design and tapestries, Jeff takes what is considered rubbish and transforms it into new work that ranges from theatrical fashion, accessories, functional products, art and sculpture.

Jeff works with musicians, fashion photographers, designers, directors and other artists to create unique, magical and ethereal environments and boutique looks for; musicians, stage design, films, fashion photographers and public art.

Jeff has created looks for clients such as Montaigne, Nina Las Vegas, Ziggy Ramo, Asta and Florian and has featured work in Peppermint magazine.

Jeff is currently featured in 107’s Green Thread installation series for Mirvac and Landcom. He is also developing work for 107’s booth at Sydney Contemporary 2018. Kinetic Kit, a colourful interactive sculpture powered by people and kinetics, will bring a sense of play and nostalgia to the global art fair.

Sarah Doyle

Sarah Doyle

The runner up in 107’s 2017 playwriting competition, The New Plot, Sarah is currently undertaking a residency at 107 Redfern.

Having a residency at 107 means I can have a focused space to write, and a physical space to workshop with actors and have the intelligent witness of new work. Specifically in June as the runner-up (tears) to The New Plot, I am continuing to push Don’t Tell Indi into a fully fleshed full length play. As I hit each phase of its development, the story and themes continue to deepen. Coming fresh off the bat of a table reading in LA, I’m excited to close out June at 107 with a brand new baby. Concurrently, I have a first draft and a second draft due for other babies, and this space will provide ample creative dosey-doe.

Sarah’s works explore the crevasses and cracks of life, however uncomfortable to confront, with a wit and honesty that leaves no stone unturned.

Raised in Sydney, Sarah’s artistic journey took her to New York to work in theatre where she collaborated as a playwright with New Dramatists and Soho Think Tank as well as members of The Wooster Group and LAByrinth Theatre Company. Her creative energies eventually brought her to LA where she has continued to develop her voice as a writer, expanding into television and features as well as writing and directing theatre, a variety of music videos and other short form work.

Past Residencies


FBi Radio Artists
In the lead up to their 15th birthday celebrations, artists Louise Zhang, Bobby Vibe Positive, Mikaela Stafford, Tyler Ray Hawkins, Nadia Hernandez, Nadia Odlum, Sophie PY and students and staff from TAFE NSW Eora College took over Joynton Avenue Creative Centre to craft gloopy sculptures, giant inflatables and immersive lightworks for the festival.


Christine Davey, Playwright
Developed her original play, The Last Tiger, at Bundanon Trust.

Jason Wing, Artist & Curator
Curated Blak Mirror, an exhibition by a group of Indigenous multidisciplinary artists reflecting their view of Australian society through a black lens.