107 Presents 3 2018

Issue 3

107 Presents takes audiences beyond the expected to experience a curated multi-arts program that is innovative, experimental, enticing and accessible. It celebrates the power of creativity to connect community, and showcases Sydney as a creative city to live, work and play. In 2016-17, 107 Presents funded 10 new artist projects, welcomed 4,330 audience members and generated over $88,000 of value for participating artists, curators and creative workers. Read more in our annual report.

Community Mural at Marina Square Wentworth Point

November 24

We joined Marina Square Wentworth Point to help celebrate their Grand Opening with a giant community mural. Local residents were invited to grab a paint marker and help colour in the 16-metre scene.

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Joynton Avenue Garage Sale Trail

October 20

Held on the first day of the national Garage Sale Trail weekend, Joynton Avenue Garage Sale Trail focused on promoting and educating the art of reuse and recycling. A walking, creative trail, community members and artists exchanging pre-loved and creative wares.

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gawura guruwin for Sculptures by the Sea

October 18 – November 4

Supported through the 107 Presents Artist Residency program, artist Nicole Monks celebrates the continuous connection of First Nations people to this land and its oceans with gawura guruwin. Drawn by Elder Charles Madden, the gawura guruwin dreaming story will be ignited as a sculptural fire engaging the whole community.

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The Museum of Faces

October 3 – 14

The Museum of Faces is a giant interactive installation based on Synarcade Audio-Visuals’ invention: The Lumiphonic Creature Choir, a twelve-headed creature that comes alive and begins to speak. The Museum of Faces will be based at 107 in Redfern, recording and telling the diverse stories of the local community and beyond.

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Fambo: A Queer Festival for All Kinds of Families

September 29

Fambo is a 1 day queer contemporary arts festival for LGBTQIA+ families with children aged 4-12. LGBTQIA+ identifying artists across disciplines have been invited to create and lead workshops, activities and performances for young people and their families that celebrate the queer experience through connection, creation, participation and play.

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Kinetic Kit at Sydney Contemporary

September 13 – 16

107 Presents, for Sydney Contemporary, Kinetic Kit: a colourful interactive sculpture powered by people and kinetics. Collaborating with resident artist Jeff McCann, 107 will bring a sense of play to the fair. Nostalgically futuristic, the booth will be bright, bold and mind bending.

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The Green Thread Installation


Taking inspirations from ‘The Red Thread’ stories found within Greek mythology, Swedish folklore and Chinese Philosophy, the thread is what connects us and helps us find our way home. The red thread becomes green in celebration of the communities of Green square.

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Residency Program


Through an ongoing series of artist residencies, 107 is able to support a diverse range of new Australian work. In 2018, residents include artists Nicole Monks (above, credit Alex Wisser) and Jeff McCann, and playwright Sarah Doyle.

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Ignite: A Night of Ideas

July 19

An eclectic trio of short talks on topics as far-flung as mapping the New South Wales coastline, measuring air quality using DIY investigative tools, and creating a rock opera performed by giant mechanical heads. Linked by the central theme of data, these talks will reveal some of the curious projects going on behind the scenes at 107.

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107 Presents for Vivid Sydney 2018

June 2, June 8

Experience Sydney’s independent music culture, up close and intimate, in this special 107 Presents series. On June 2, Art As Catharsis present Sophie Hutchings, Eishan and Hashshashin. On June 8, three performances come together for In Frequency: an ensemble of musicians, dancers and a bush-poet explore cultural heritage; classical composers perform for a blindfolded audience; and new instruments push the boundary between body and art.

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Liquid Light at Cockle Bay Wharf

May 25 – June 16

This year we’re bringing you one step closer to the Vivid experience. At Cockle Bay Wharf you can help create an illuminated light display that is inspired by one of the most mysterious sea creatures, the jellyfish. During a hands-on creative experience, you’ll discover what happens when art, science, nature and technology collide. Hint: it’s going to be an explosion of colour and activity!

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107 Presents Scott Duncan

Scott Duncan at Yulli’s Surry Hills

From March 14

107 Presents, in conjunction with 107 Objects, a special exhibition with Sydney ceramicist Scott Duncan. A chef by day, Scott is largely self-taught, and works out of his studio at kil.n.it in Glebe. His work mixes classical pottery with a healthy dose of whimsy and 1970’s kitsch. Best enjoyed with an ice-cold Yulli’s beer.

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The Tree of Love at Cockle Bay Wharf

February 14-17

107 joins Cockle Bay Wharf in celebrating all kinds of love for Valentine’s Day 2018. Visitors are invited to write a personal love note and hang it in the Tree of Love, to be collected by Cupid’s helpers at the end of the day.

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Hack Sounds

Using the latest electronic tools Hack Sounds combines music education, collaboration, technology and inclusive design to explore accessible ways to create music. Educators from Heaps Decent, Ableton and graduates from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, alongside our existing facilitators, will support basic introduction to the tools through to more sophisticated skills development.

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Art Somewhere

Every second Wednesday

Art Somewhere is a safe place where everyone can experiment and learn creative practices in a non-structured teaching environment. All levels and abilities are welcome and participants can arrive with a creative intention or choose to be guided by the facilitators.

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107 Presents Partners

These initiatives would not be possible without the power of partnership. All of the Partners are generously investing because of their commitment to creating places where people thrive and live creatively.

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