Creative Callout 2023 Submissions Open

Get in! 107’s Creative Callout 2023 has launched. Submissions close 28 Feb

Our Creative Callout defines the 107 Creative Program for the year, and this year we want you to break out of the box with us. Established creatives so often feel artistically stifled by the confines of producing work for profit, with the commercial nature of these ventures taking precedent.

So, how is 107 different? We’re a not-for-profit org, and everything we do loops back into supporting the creative wellbeing of our communities – and that includes you! We’re inviting you to apply for our 2023 Creative Program, and make the most of 107’s unique environment. Come out and play, experiment, get a bit messy, and revel in the joy that creative freedom brings.

Whether you need a reset to help build towards your next commercial offering, want to experiment with new mediums that will feed into your existing artistic practice, or want to grow your creative practice within the 107 community, we’ve got your back!

As always, 107 values creativity, inclusivity, diversity, and community, across all creative disciplines. We provide a space where you set your own outcomes for success, and allow creatives to deep dive into their artform, to learn, grow, and develop, without the constraints of a commercial environment. 

Those chosen from the Creative Callout 2023 to be part of our Creative Program will get first priority for our subsidy allocation (which gives up to 50% off standard hire fees)  as well as additional support from the 107 team. 

You can check out our FAQs here, and we’ll be hosting an info night in mid-Feb to help answer any questions (more details to come), or just go right ahead to the application form here.