2023 Creative Program Callout

Creative Callout 2023 Applications open now

107 is calling out for creative ideas that engage, inspire and connect audiences.  We are asking creatives to think beyond 107’s four walls – and hit us up with performances, gigs, exhibitions, talks, workshops and experiences that go beyond the expected!

Our Creative Callout invites both established and emerging creatives to experiment and play. Got an idea that you need creative freedom to bring it to life? 107 offers a creative playground where you can take your creative practice to new places.

Through our creative callout, we’re giving access to subsidised creative spaces across our venues and pop-up activations, to provide opportunities for your ideas to come to life. We’re providing up to 50% off standard hire to support your vision, alongside access to our resources, inclusion in our annual creative program and connections to our amazing local communities. 

Applications are currently closed.

To enquire about future callouts, email to [email protected]


What is the Creative Program?

We’re looking for bold new ideas that engage, connect and inspire audiences. Examples of submissions are exhibitions, performances, music acts and tours, workshops, events, projections, mixed media works, and multi-site/multi-temporal/multi-spacial media.  

Why should I apply for the Creative Program?

Separate to our regular venue hire process, the Creative Program allows you to lock in dates several months in advance for projects that require a little more planning.

In addition, applicants to the Creative Program are automatically considered for up to 50% venue hire subsidy. 107 Projects is able to allocate a fixed amount of venue hire subsidy every year to support community-focused, creative, and original projects. The best way to access this subsidy is via the Creative Program.

Who can apply?

Applications are open to individuals, groups, not-for-profit organisations, corporations, sole traders… Everyone! We accept applications for projects across all creative disciplines, including theatre, music, visual art, performance, comedy, dance, podcasting, digital design, and more. We also encourage applications from community and other groups for regular meetings or social gatherings.

Do I have to be an artist?

No! Everyone is creative, we want to hear your IDEAS!

Out of Iso, 107 Redfern

How is the subsidy allocated?

Venue hire subsidy is allocated on a sliding scale to projects that fit one or more of our three criteria:

  • Creativity
  • Uniqueness
  • Engagement with or relevance to the local Redfern and Green Square communities

The maximum subsidy value is 50% of the standard hire rate.

Applications are assessed by a panel of management staff, board members and external assessors, and subsidy is allocated in accordance with how well your application addresses the above criteria.

What are we looking for?

Ideas, music, visual arts, performance – go wild!
107 exists for the advancement of culture, and we’re looking for creative projects that share this vision as well as our ethos of social inclusion, accessibility, constructive criticism, D.I.Y., and positivity.

Presentation of new works, works in development, interdisciplinary practices, and community engagement tickle our fancy. Re-stagings of the popular classics, cover bands, or Van Gogh reproductions not so much…

107 is an accessible and inclusive space and we welcome applications from people of all backgrounds at all stages of their creative practice or career.

What makes a successful application?

We want to see that you’ve thought out your proposal and have a strong sense of why it’s right for 107 (and why we’re right for you).

Be sure to include practical information like how you imagine your works will be displayed, how many attendees you expect, and how you will market your event.

If your idea is still in development, give us a detailed overview of the project so far and where you’d like it to end up (even if that changes).

Digby Webster Butterfly Effect, 107 Green Square

What dates are available?

If you are applying to hold an exhibition or performance season, spaces are generally limited to a maximum duration of two weeks at 107 Redfern or 4 weeks at 107 Green Square. Projects of longer duration will be considered in some circumstances.

During your application process, you will be asked to provide an ideal date range for your event or exhibition to occur. If successful, we will do our best to allocate dates according to your preferences, but this may not always be possible due to existing bookings or concurrent applications. In this case, we will be in touch to organise a date that works for you.

My event/program isn’t open to the public. Can I still apply?

Yes! We are open to projects of all kinds, including residencies, work-in-progress showings, regular rehearsal dates, and more.

What if I have an idea with a short lead time?

Head over to our regular Space Hire page to fill in an application and we’ll be in touch shortly to get the ball rolling!

Jams in the Hueosphere, 107 on The Rocks

Still have questions?

Email [email protected]