Discarded Delights, Urban Talismans


WHEN: 9 Oct 2020 – 18 Oct 2020

COST: Free - $480

TICKETS: The Bench Events

VENUE: Joynton Avenue Creative Centre

Discarded Delights, Urban Talismans at The Bench Sydney focuses on themes making for change and toward a more sustainable future. We bring four contemporary change makers together to deliver two workshops, a conversation, and an exhibition at Joynton Avenue Creative Centre during Sydney Craft Week.

Unnaturally Natural
Saturday October 10. 10am - 2pm

Contemporary jewellers Lauren Simeoni and Melinda Young will facilitate a participatory making project which asks you to look between the cracks; to think about your community and the natural environment. What hopes and dreams are sprouting inside you for a more sustainable future? You are invited to write a message of hope and wrap it into a wearable talisman. Make one to share with your community and another for yourself on Mental Health Day.

My Kitchen Jewels
Sunday October 11. 10am - 4pm
From take away to wear away, Pennie Jagiello’s workshop encourages participants to reconsider disposable and single use plastics. Utilising objects that are often used and discarded without consideration, participants will be guided into reworking these materials into new wearable objects. Workshop participants will explore mark making techniques and apply these to a selection of household plastics.

Spring Bling
Tuesday October 13. 5pm - 8pm
Craft up Late at The Bench Joynton Avenue Creative Centre
A showcase of jewellery at The Bench and a chance to visit the workshop, the building and meet the makers.

Left on the Shelf
Saturday October 17. 2pm - 5pm

The Bench is excited and privileged to present the champion of reuse and recycling, Kirsten Junor’s solo exhibition Left on the Shelf, Through the eyes of a traveller, enamelled relics transport you to a different time and place; a wall of souvenirs that remind you of a world outside of your own.