*ONLINE* My Kitchen Jewels


WHEN: 10am - 4pm – 11 Oct 2020

COST: $180

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My Kitchen Jewels!

A Sustainable Creative Workshop with Pennie Jagiello Contemporary Jewellery Objects.

From takeaway to wear away, this workshop will assist participants to reconsider disposable and single use plastics through challenges of redesigning. Utilising objects that are often used and discarded without consideration, participants will be guided into deconstructing and redesigning these objects and reworking these materials into new and wearable objects.

Workshop participants will explore mark making techniques often more traditionally employed upon metal or wood along with a variety of cold joining techniques, and applying these to a selection of household plastics. Throughout history metals have been associated with value and wealth while plastics were designed to replace expensive natural materials and made way for a throw-away society. As a master of mimicry plastics eventually became a disposable commodity with unforeseeable environmental impacts.

In this workshop there will be recipes to follow and twists and turns along the way while considering and implementing the changes we can make towards a more sustainable future, so step up to the challenge and have fun while making a beautiful wearable piece.

Suitable for anyone interested in salvaging their marks in time as wearable heirlooms!