Workshops and Education Hirer Info

Which of the spaces at 107 are good for workshops?

The Conference Room has lots of natural light and includes a projector, P/A, seating and tables, the Meeting Room is great for small groups and the Performance Space can handle larger groups. Out the Back is best for informal gatherings and hands-on workshops involving arts or crafts materials.

What is the capacity of the workshop and education spaces? 

The ground floor of 107 (Exhibition Space 1, Exhibition Space 2, and the Performance Space) has a maximum capacity of 125 persons. The Performance Space on the ground floor has a maximum of 100 persons. The Conference Room has a capacity of maximum 55 persons. Out the Back has a maximum capacity of 25 persons.

What times are the spaces accessible?

Standard hours from 10am to 5pm for full day workshops, from 5pm for evening workshops.

Does 107 provide bookings and admin services?

Not yet. You will need to setup and manage online ticketing, and anything you need for admission on the day.

Do I need Public Liability Insurance?

Yes, as an event organiser hiring a venue you should hold public liability insurance to a minimum value of $10 million. Check out this webpage from Duck for Cover for more info about insurance and venue hire.