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Review:  Brainchild Words Sam BaranImages Courtesy of the Artists Brainchild is showing tonight, tomorrow & Sunday (September 23 – 25), 7pm. Tickets are $20/25 and available here or on the door. Brainchild consists of two contemporary dance pieces, split into acts and set in the intimate upstairs theatre space of 107 Projects. Read More


Review:  The Big Bruise @ Montague Basement Written by Claire Deakin Photography by Omnes Photography The Big Bruise is not one to mince its words (or visuals, for that matter). Shuffling into the quaint theatre space, we are welcomed by Saro Lusty-Cavallari, the play’s director, who informs the room that, in addition… Read More


The Interview:  110% Written by Chloe Mandryk HASTHAGWINNING is a group exhibition about our feelings; or how we perceive and celebrate success. It’s on view until 2 April at The Bearded Tit in Redfern, Sydney. The participation awards go to Elvis Richardson, Madeleine Preston, Tanja Bruckner with Selena Murray,… Read More


Fennesz + Lillevan, collaborators in sound It’s hard to find anything about Christian Fennesz online. At least, beyond the usual – born in Austria, working in Vienna, and known for his wide-ranging collaborations with sometimes unexpected artists. The 53-year-old guitarist and electronic musician is notoriously tricky. He rarely stands still for… Read More