Félixe Rives is a French-Australian artist who is currently completing a Bachelor of Fine Art at UNSW Art & Design in Paddington. Félixe’s desire to deepen her connection to the Sydney art scene led her to join 107 Projects in 2021, first as a volunteer and then as a casual. Read More


Back when Sydney was slowly emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic in August, I met with Maddie Gibbs over Zoom (or was it Microsoft Teams? Skype? Was I wearing trackpants and a hoodie?). I wanted to speak to her about a piece of public art that she was creating at the South Eveleigh precinct – a wayfinding artwork that meandered through the concrete, a splash of yellow on grey. Read More


On confronting stories Words Fay EdwardsInterview Kaylie Salvatori Image Credit: Arcadia It was only recently that it occurred to me to wonder what land I grew up on. As the daughter of white landowners on a farm an hour north of Canberra, my eyes saw landmarked by the coloniser’s hand… Read More


The Interview:  Celebrating the Underdog! Words Fay Edwards From behind Maddie sits in an armchair, with her head turned towards the camera, flashing a smile underneath a spotlight during filming for PLATFORM Live. Find Crips & Creeps on Instagram and Facebook >> @cripsandcreeps My interview with Madeleine Stewart, the… Read More


The Interview:  ‘Belonging’ with Jess Cook 107’s Managing Director Words Fay Edwards ‘Belonging’. It’s something I most strongly associate as being an academic concept studied during the dreary years of high school. But it’s a feeling that’s popped up throughout life, tracking me through years of uni, work, love and… Read More


“My place” was a place to take risks and feel safe Mary Lynne Pidcock on making communities Words Mary Lynne Pidcock Interview Fay Edwards Images Jessica Lindsay, City of Sydney Mary Lynne Pidcock is the chair of the 107 board, president of the South Sydney Business Chamber, and an active and… Read More


The Interview:  Finding human connection in a fast-fashion world: Leah Williams See more of Leah’s work at or on Instagram @leahwilliamsofficial. Follow @_107objects to keep up to date with collab news and learn more about the behind-the-scenes of producing and designing your own collection. Visit to see more from our… Read More


Analogue to electronic: Meet Hybrid Machina, Hack Sounds’ first band Interview Amy WillingImages Andrew Grant To hear more from Hybrid Machina, keep an eye on 107’s Facebook page. Interested in being part of Hack Sounds’ 2018 term? You’re in luck! Expressions of interest close Friday March 2nd. Click here to… Read More


Five Minutes with Bec Litvan Interview Jackie TerrettImages Bec Litvan You can see Bec’s work in the 107 Window Box from January 24 – February 17. Meet her and get to know more about her practice at the opening night on January 24. Bec Litvan is a Sydney-based artist and designer. Her sole inspiration… Read More


A Business Born at 107 Life Drawing Interview Amy Willing Images Imogen Bowman & Celine Okada Ahead of the 107 Objects Makers Market on December 16 & 17, we got in touch with some of our makers to learn more about them and their practice. First up is Imogen Bowman & Celine Okada… Read More


The Interview: Meet the illustrator who makes the GIF into an art form Interview Amy WillingImages Nancy Liang More info: Wynscreen | Cultural Capital Follow Nancy on Instagram @under_over_themoon Hi Nancy! What is it that you do? I create dreamlike images of urban landscapes and sleepy scenes of Australian suburbia. These images… Read More


Sunny Brar: Painting the multicultural faces of Australia Interview Amy WillingImages Sunny Brar Photographer Sunny Brar has been capturing portraits since 2008. For Sunny, who has lived the experience of being an outsider, heritage plays an important role in a multi-racial society. That’s why he started Face, a project which will… Read More