Starting a business from scratch:  Meet the volunteer duo behind 107 Objects You can see the current collection at, or drop in and visit the exhibition space any day between Tuesday – Sunday. In October 2017, a long-term dream of 107’s came to life: 107 Objects. The online store and… Read More


The Interview:  Andrew Grant The artist & volunteer Words Amy Willing If you’ve ever visited us over the weekend, you might have said g’day to Andrew Grant. In 2013, Andrew held his first group show at 107, and he’s been volunteering behind the gallery desk ever since.If you follow him on … Read More


The Interview:  Tom Keukenmeester Words Amy WillingImagery Elke Numeyer-Windshuttle Meet Tom Keukenmeester, Adelaide-born painter and illustrator, and the newest occupant of our south-east corner studio. Tom is mostly self-taught, developing his skills while travelling and living in New York, London, and Montreal. He returned to Adelaide in 2013, and… Read More


The Interview:  Words with Leona Fietz Imagery Mercy BassThis article was originally published on the Work-Shop blog. Artist and typographer Leona Fietz works full time from her Brisbane studio, and teaches hand lettering courses at Work-Shop Australia. Leona graciously opened her space up to us and shared her thoughts about art, life, and… Read More


The Interview:  Getting heaps close with Kat Dopper Words Amy Willingchloemandryk.comImagery MILS At 107 we house a lot of resident organisations – charities and groups doing great things in arts and the community. Heaps Gay is one of them. Meet Kat Dopper, founder and organiser one of the best regular… Read More


Featured Artist:  Emma DanielsDear Pluto Words Amy Willing Imagery Emma Daniels You may not know Emma, but you have probably heard of her business, Dear Pluto, a culture and lifestyle brand through which she runs small-scale events for and in support of young artists. They pop up at local bars,… Read More


The Interview:  They Run this: The MILS, Sydney Words Cloe Mandryk chloemandryk.comImagery MILS MILS gallery is a short walk from Sydney’s Central Station and is run by artists Adriano Rosselli and Eva Troyeur-Gibson.On view now “Vladimir Kravchenko: In soup” is a series of photographs of microcosmic still life forms, another… Read More


The Interview:  They Run this: The Garage, ACT Words Cloe Mandryk chloemandryk.comImagery Natalya Hughes The Garage in Canberra asks if art can thrive in an unfixed location that skirts commercial spaces and institutions. Curator and art historian Sara d’Alessandro runs The Garage with artist and curator Sabrina Baker. Sara studied… Read More


The Interview:  Living Room Theatre | Kate Fenner Words Rebecca SimpsonEdited Genevieve LilleyImagery Julie Samerski It’s not often that you would stumble across an animal in a theatrical work, let alone a well-behaved live horse… But this is exactly what Michelle St Anne had in mind when she was making … Read More


The Interview:  Still translating, always challenging Written by Emma-Kate WilsonImages Courtesy of the artists Clark and Guthleben’s exhibition, Interior Motives, has recently come to an end, but both can be found still working on new projects: Jodi at her blog, and Jane on her Facebook.  How did the exhibition… Read More


The Interview:  Still translating, always challenging Written by Emma-Kate Wilson Bronwen Williams & Clare Powell Bronwen Williams and Clare Powell interrogate the relationship between materials and lived in space. Hanging clothes, TV screens, and mini shell bath tub all create a personal relationship within the exhibition. “The feeling of being… Read More