107 is home to a diverse group of resident organisations working in the arts and not-for-profit industries. Many of these places are offered at a subsidised rate as part of 107 Projects’ mission to provide affordable space to businesses that align with our organisational values: local, creative, unique, and sustainable.

Tribal Warrior

The Tribal Warrior Association was established to help vitalise Aboriginal culture and empower disadvantaged indigenous and non-indigenous people. They produce specialised programs which teach skills for individuals to become self-sufficient and lead to employment opportunities. They generously share their office space at 107 with the organisation Driving Change.

The Bower

The Bower works to reduce ‘waste’ going to landfill, assist low income earners and educate and inspire Sydneysiders to live, work and play the sustainable way. It does this through a variety of ways, holding workshops, repair services and a collection and rehoming service. They run the workshop space at the rear of the building.

Sam G. Eacott

Samuel G. Eacott is Sydney/Eora-based creative events producer and music curator. Excelling at producing large scale colourful, experimental and queer orientated festivals, fundraisers and art parties, he is currently leading the charge on sustainability within events and music via various projects. Through continued collaboration with orgs such as FBi Radio, Nomad Radio, Heaps Gay, Hiccup, Sucrose and more, Sam hopes to give a platform to artists and musicians from diverse or marginalised backgrounds and celebrate what makes Sydney’s interconnected creative scene so unique.

Intimate Spectacle

Intimate Spectacle is an independent performing arts producing company based in Sydney, Australia. We work across genres, from contemporary theatre & dance theatre to live art, interactive performance, and events in between “the arts” and popular culture. We’re interested in work that’s engaging, surprising, perhaps playful, but with substance, and full of heart.

Heaps Decent Logo

Heaps Decent

Founded in 2007, Heaps Decent is an arts organisation working with young people & emerging artists from diverse communities, providing a means by which they can tell their story in their own way. Using music and digital media, Heaps Decent supports community engagement, positive futures & the development of high quality work with a unique identity.


MusicNSW is the state music body in NSW. They are a not-for-profit organisation which empowers and connects artists and industry through a range of programs and services, including FEEDBACKLevels and Sound Advice.

Heaps Gay

Heaps Gay started life as a regular series of parties for LGBTIQ+ kids and their friends, and has since become one of Sydney’s best regular events for anyone who wants to have some fun and support charities. In November 2015, they launched HeapsGay.com, a place for people to gather and discuss Queer issues and stories. All stories are written by contributors within the queer community in Sydney.