Promo Materials

Thanks for choosing to hold your event at 107!
We want to help make it as successful as we can, which is why we need a few things from you:

Some things to know:

  • It’s just 107 now! We are no longer called 107 Projects.
  • Please attach images or videos with zero text to this form. Our posts are more accessible for all without text and are a greater success when we post videos. A variety is always helpful.
  • If you wish to create a Facebook event, we find it is most effective for you to create it rather than 107. You are most welcome to make 107 a co-host.
  • When you’re creating a ticket link, take a look at Humanitix. 107 partners with Humanitix, a platform which donates a portion of the processing fees from your ticket to a charity of your choice. We’re one of those charities, but there’s a lot of other great ones on there – take a look!
  • If you are producing printed material of your own (please do!), it will need to feature our logo and we will need to approve it before printing. Our logo and placement guide can be obtained from our Communications Manager via
  • Aim to return this form 6-weeks prior to your event.
  • While we will endeavour to promote your event as best as we can, we hold a lot of events and have a very diverse audience. For this reason, we encourage you to do as much promotion as you can to your own networks.
  • The below information will allow us to list your event on our website, in our fortnightly newsletter, and share on social media.
  • We are always happy to chat about ticket giveaways, blog articles, and other ways to spread the word about your event. If you would like to discuss options, or if you have any other questions at all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at
  • If your event involves alcohol, please add the following line to your Facebook event or invitation: “107 Redfern St is a licensed venue, BYO alcohol is not permitted”.