Privacy Policy

107 Projects Inc.

107 Projects is committed to protecting your privacy and personal information, in accordance with the NSW Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998.

When you supply us with personal information, such as through the subscription process, the information is kept confidential and is not provided to third parties except where stated otherwise. Personal information is held and used for the purpose for which the information is collected, which may include:

  • to inform subscribers about upcoming events, offers, and news related to one of our venues;
  • to administer prizes or giveaways related to competitions;
  • to relay access or other information about events to ticket holders;
  • to report on attendee numbers and general demographics for the purpose of grant acquittals or reporting;
  • to assess an application for programs such as our residency program or Creative Program;
  • specific financial details are used solely to bill the user for the provision of services and products.

Your information may occasionally be shared with third parties where necessary to complete the purpose for which the information was collected. In these cases, we will take reasonable steps to disclose this at the time of collection. Purposes for which it may be required to share your information with a third party include:

  • enquiries related to an event which is organised by a third party hirer;
  • competition entrant details where the competition prize is administered by a third party.


In the majority of cases, tickets to events held at a venue managed by 107 projects are sold and administered by an external hirer. In these cases, 107 Projects is not responsible for the collection or storage of information gathered for the purpose of ticket sales and administration.

In some cases, 107 Projects will manage the sales of tickets via a third party platform such as Eventbrite. Information provided to 107 Projects via an external ticketing platform may be subject to that platform’s privacy policy and conditions.

Collecting and storing your information

We take reasonable steps to protect the personal information we receive.

While every effort is made to secure information transmitted to our website over the internet, there is a possibility that this information could be accessed by a third party while in transit. No card details are captured or stored by our website.

Accessing your information

If you know we hold your personal information and you wish to correct or update some of your details, or wish to opt out of receiving communications, we recommend contacting us.

Please direct such requests to We are a small organisation, so please allow 1-2 weeks for a reply.

An unsubscribe option is included in all e-newsletters we send.

This statement was last updated in September 2019.