Hack Sounds Releases Debut EP

107’s electronic music program, Hack Sounds, is thrilled to announce the release of ‘The Wack Sounds of Hack,’ available online 28th June 2018 from all of the usual online streaming and purchasing platforms.

The Wack Sounds of Hack is the debut compilation EP from Hack Sounds featuring collaborations with Deepchild, Piri aka Trackwrecker, Liz Martin and other local artists… It fluidly traverses diverse sonic terrain, encompassing elements of Hiphop, Drum’n’Bass, Jazz, Techno and Soundtrack Music to create a cohesive compilation EP, showing off the talents of Hack Sounds members.


Rain Falls
A chunky Dubby Hiphop number from Piri aka Trackwrecker and Andrew Grant, with overlapping Asian infused melodies and countermelodies, slipping in and out of sync, underpinned with a thick slab of bass and beats with just the right amount of thud.

You Can’t Stop
This one’s a smooth D’n’B number, again produced by Piri aka Trackwrecker, with contributions from several of the Hack crew-chords from Maxim, a classic Annabel lead hook, bass from Jules, with vocal chops and additional arrangement from Ash-and it just so happens that they all fit together perfectly!

Thunder Master
Produced by Liz Martin, with help from Hack members Annabel Tan and Carmen Louie (2/3rds of Hybrid Machina), as part of a collaboration with the Bus Stop Films crew, this one splices Spy Movie Jazz with some familiar spoken word samples, for a deep dive into cinematic atmospheres.

New York Escape
Darker than your average bear, this brooding Techno beast was an online collaboration between Sydney raised legend Deepchild, and local up and comer Relevant Elephants. It’s a relentless journey deep into the seething heart of the Big Apple, well worth clambering aboard, just don’t forget to breathe.

Wack Sounds of Hack EP

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