107 Projects is home to a diverse group of resident organisations working in the arts and not-for-profit industries. Many of these places are offered at a subsidised rate as part of 107 Projects’ mission to provide affordable space to businesses that align with our organisational values: local, creative, unique, and sustainable.

Jamie Gray

Jamie Gray is a Sydney-based film-maker, photographer and cinematographer. He is a freelancer who works from commercial to video art to documentary, constantly trying to position himself within an environment that is enlightening and awakening. He wants to constantly work with and learn from the moving image, art and storytelling.

City People

In our rapidly growing cities with diverse and changing populations, arts and culture offer innovative ways to build stronger communities and better places. Arts and cultural practices develop attachment between places and people. At City People, this belief sits as the cornerstone to our work which includes:

  • Arts and cultural planning
  • Creative Placemaking strategy
  • Place activation, direction and strategy
  • Project programming and implementation.

Our approach is collaborative, inclusive & grounded in the local.

The Story Mill

The Story Mill is a fresh new production studio specialising in well crafted videos, podcast and photography for brands, businesses and maybe even you! Working across a range of industries from; law, media, health, corporate, charities and events no day is the same in the story mill studios.

The House That Dan Built

The House is a visionary force that creates unique experiences to change the world.

The House aims to activate women across the world to feel empowered to speak, to feel like they belong, like they are part of an Army. The House is an ecosystem that supports female artists to achieve a balance of learning, teaching and doing, so that they can create works of meaning and become the best person they can be.

This Little Duck

This Little Duck is a digital product studio based in Sydney building web applications for education, media and arts organisations. Our process is centred around customer collaboration using design thinking and the thoughtful application of modern technologies to build innovative digital products.

Sydney Improvised Music Association

The Sydney Improvised Music Association Inc. (SIMA) is a not-for -profit incorporated association. Established in 1984 to address the lack of performance opportunities for contemporary jazz and improvised music, today we are one of the largest organisations in Australia dedicated solely to the sector.

Melissa Katherine Photography

As a portrait and branding photographer who works mostly with wom*n,  Melissa is passionate about challenging the narrow ideals of beauty perpetuated by the mainstream media and fashion industries. In addition to her work as a photographer, she also offers creative direction, styling, hair and makeup as well as branding and content creation solutions for creatives.

National Council of Women NSW

NCW is a national non-government umbrella organisation with broadly humanitarian and educational objectives, which seeks to raise the awareness of women and girls to their rights and responsibilities as citizens and to encourage the participation of women in all aspects of community life.

NCW works with, and across all sectors, to identify and bring about change to ensure that there is equity and security for all in Australia.


Archrival is a non-profit architecture organisation focused on productive rivalry in design practices. Our projects range from “traditional” architecture to custom furniture, set design, large scale interactive installations, strategic infrastructure, collaborative workshops and exhibitions. Formed in 2011 by architects Claire McCaughan & Lucy Humphrey, Archrival projects have involved hundreds of collaborators to date.

The Rizzeria

The Rizzeria is a collective of printmakers & self-publishers. We own and run an eco-friendly Risograph stencil press that we make available for public use through workshops and open print sessions.

We also offer a scope of creative services, from the art direction and production of small press books, zines and limited edition prints, to the creation of educational resources and workshop programs.

Dialogic Studios

Dialogic Studios is the creative agency and practice of Hon Boey. We design through dialogue and two-way learning, with an emphasis on co-creating a world of progressive social change. Our specialties lie in branding, art direction and design. Clients include the Embassy of Australia (USA), Sydney Theatre Company, Amnesty International, Refugees Survivors and Ex-detainees (RISE) and UNSW.

Red Room

Red Room Poetry’s vision is to make poetry a meaningful part of everyday life. We create poetic projects and learning programs in collaboration with a spectrum of poets, schools, communities and partners for positive impact. Our mission is to make poetry accessible to all, especially those who face the greatest barriers to creative opportunities. Through inventive, imaginative and creative contexts we support the work of a diversity of writers and are the preeminent commissioner of contemporary Australian poetry. 

The Bench

The Bench is a safe working and learning environment, complete with a wide inventory of tools and equipment. It is a space to learn traditional and contemporary jewellery techniques, and to develop ideas and projects. A place to learn, work, to discuss ideas and share knowledge, a laboratory for the creation of projects and those that may arise from sharing what we do. We are dedicated to building an unrivalled jewellery centre that delivers quality programs for the betterment of the industry and the community. The Bench is an open window to learn, design and share by creating experiences and fostering the next generation of jewellery makers.

Sarah Doyle

Sarah Doyle is an award-winning Australian playwright and filmmaker. She is alum of American Film Institute (Los Angeles) and Macquarie University (Sydney). 

Broadish Creative

Broadish Creative makes pictures move. 

Hayley Dinnison leads the fray as an animator, writer and video artist. Doing away with the slick and seamless, serving you up real and raw stories, graphics and animations.

Trans-identifying and from a regional, low-socio economic background, Hayley’s main goals with Broadish Creative are to capture and highlight real life for people whose lives are rarely front and centre. 

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