Dia de los Muertos

Day of the Dead is one of the most mystical, colourful, and creative Mexican celebrations.

Day of the Dead is a joyful time that helps people remember their loved ones, and combines the ancient Aztec custom of celebrating ancestors with the Spanish All Souls’ Day.

Death for Mexican Culture is a daily occurrence. They tease her, desire her and caress her, sleep with her and put flowers on her. She is present at their parties, in their games, in their lives and thoughts. Celebrating death is celebrating life. Honouring our ancestors keeps us connected with them. A better understanding of death gives us the opportunity to celebrate and enjoy every moment.

107 was honoured to celebrate Dia de los Muertos 2022 with Frido Cacao at 107 Green Square, featuring:

  • Victor Valdes and his Mariachi Band
  • FRIDO Ritual Performance featuring Oscar Martin de Burgos.
  • DJs
  • Traditional OFRENDA (Altar)
  • Sensory Room – “The Underworld”
  • The Procession to the underworld
  • Mexican food and drinks market
  • Face-painting with artist Orly Faya
  • Art exhibition
  • Art workshops and activities

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