You Time / Art



WHEN: 6pm - 7:30pm 4 Jul 2019 – 25 Jul 2019

COST: $135 for 4 week course

TICKETS: Facebook,

Venue: 107 Redfern St

Over four weeks we will experiment, express and reflect using easily accessible yet profound art therapy activities to decrease stress and tension, encourage personal insight, bust open creativity and pave the way for growth.

This is for you, if you:

- Crave a pocket of [creative] time for yourself
- Seek a deeper connection to yourself and your life
- Want an outlet to express and to be guided doing so, in a social and relaxed environment
- Are looking for practical ways to de-stress, process things or simply relax
- Seek new experiences for growth or just want to try something different
- You have a hunch this will be good for you!

It will be fun, illuminating and a great way to set aside some time for yourself this winter.