Xmas Makers Market



WHEN: 11:00AM - 3:00PM – 10 Dec 2022


VENUE: 107 Redfern

This Saturday! Join us at 107 Redfern for our XMAS Makers Market and Clothes Swap. Handmade ceramics, local artists, and sustainable fashion all make for wonderful and unique gifts. Stalls will be in our Redfern venue from 11am.

About the Clothes Swap

One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Trashion
Have you been looking for a sustainable way to clear out and upgrade your summer wardrobe?
Come and join Trashion at 107 Joynton & Redfern during the coming 2 special Christmas editions of Trashion’s Clothes Swap!
You are welcome to bring clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. to 107 on the day of the swap or from the week before the swaps, check opening times on https://107.org.au/
Clothes are not only available for those who trade, but also for those who donate, so even without brining clothes in, you can still leave with some!
There is no registration necessary, this is also a free event.
The last editions have been a succes. We had around 600 people come through and our ‘shop’ was changing every half hour.
Here are some rules:
-Trashion’s clothes swap is not a dump for unwanted items. Make sure the items are good to go to a new home and are clean and in tact.
-Underpants, rags and items in that category are not welcome.
-If your item is gorgeous but has minor staines or rips, you are welcome to bring it.
There will be a repair station so any small repairs such as ripped seams can be made by donation. Replacing zippers is unfortunately not possible.
Note: this is not a tailoring service
-You are welcome to bring and take as many items as you like. However, sourcing clothes for the purpose of reselling is NOT allowed.