Write Breathe Perform: Full day masterclass with Candy Royalle


WHEN: 8.30am-5.30pm – 10 Dec 2016

COST: $150/100

Write Breathe Perform is an intensive, full day workshop with Candy Royalle for all humans pursuing the art of expression. Part carthasis/part craft building, the day is an exploration of vulnerability and creation, confidence and inspiration. For those who have never wielded a pen as a sword right through to those whose pens are their livelihood, the only prerequisite is a willingness to take risks and be brave in a space specifically made absolutely safe.

Some (but not all) of the things we'll cover:

  • Writing techniques and exercises: Activate the mind with exercises designed to help you establish a base from which to create.
  • Tackling writers block: Writers block is usually a symptom of negative self talk. The workshop endeavours to help combat critical inner monologues.
  • Editing: Good writing = good editing. We look at how to edit your own work as well as others’, including how to deliver constructive criticism.
  • The ethical obligations of creators: A discussion and exploration of what it is we as artists and human beings might be obligated to express, respect or discuss in our work.
  • Writing for the self: The cathartic experience of expression.
  • Writing for the stage: Preparing work and the self in order to share the work whether it be with friends or on stage.
  • Managing nerves: The magic of mindfulness as a tool in controlling nerves.
  • Breathing techniques: Harnessing mindfulness and breath for self confidence.
  • Performance exercises and warm ups: Basic exercises to prepare your body for performance.
  • Performance techniques: Help in assessing work for performance.
  • Confidence building: By the end of the workshop you will be well prepared to share your work in front of an audience.

Workshop fee is $100 unwaged and $150 waged. $20 deposit required to reserve a place. Workshops always sell out so best to get in quick to avoid disappointment. To reserve a place you must email candy@candyroyalle.com.

Returning students: Receive a 10% discount. There is new content in this masterclass and you should find it as challenging as the first one you attended.