Woven Dreaming Collective: Desert & The Sea



WHEN: 31 Jul 2019 – 11 Aug 2019


VENUE: 107 Redfern

Showcasing the arts & crafts of Adnyamathanha/Luritja Woman Juanella McKenzie, outback South Australia, Southern Gumbaynggirr Man Michael Donovan, Mid North Coast NSW, their 3 daughters Ngarlaa, Ngayan & Ngintaka Donovan, & Elder Regina McKenzie.

This exhibition gives an in-depth understanding of this families continuation of culture, passing on knowledge to the younger generation through The Dreaming Stories/ Cultural Practices of their ancient Homelands.

View this multi media show including Woven Emu Feathers, Traditional Seashell jewellery, carved wood, ochre/fat paintings etc read the meanings and stories behind the art pieces to further connect to Adnyamathanha and Gumbaynggirr Culture.

Continues until Sunday 11th August.

Gallery open Tuesday – Sunday, 11am – 5pm.

About the Artist

Michael Donovan is from the Southern Gumbaynggirr tribe in New South Wales Mid North Coast Australia where he grew up immersed in culture with Elders in his family. He has been an artist since a childhood and uses art to tell the stories that were passed on to him by his Elders.

His art reflects the Creators, Ancestors, Family and Homelands and he draws inspiration from his Cousin/Brother Keith (aka Bleeder) Donovan, Uncle Pete Donovan, his Godmother/Aunty Rosalind Donovan and Uncle Darren Jarrett.

Michael takes his responsibility to heart, to continue Southern Gumbaynggirr culture into the future for his children and for future generations to come.

Juanella McKenzie is an Adnyamathanha/ Luritja First Nations woman from outback South Australia. She grew up learning from her elders out in the bush immersed in her culture.

She has spent a great amount of time out on her family’s homeland in the Flinders Ranges where she draws inspiration to tell the dreaming stories of the Yarta (Earth / Land) she loves deeply. She passes the knowledge of the song lines /story lines to her daughters and now lives on NSW Mid North Coast.

Juanella has been a practicing artist since childhood. Her work was acquired by the National Museum of Australia in 2008 when she was only 18 years old and more recently in 2019 at 29 years old acquired into the National Museum of Scotland. Her work is held in private collections all over the world.

Regina McKenzie is a artist of South Australia and has been painting since she was very young. she was mentored by her Aunty Urngala in early years. Doing desert art, sand painting and body art. Her father also had a great influence in her art, taking her on many trips, showing her the techniques of preparing ochre and teaching story lines/songs. She has had the privilege to learn from traditional elders with knowledge of the old ways, her mothers people are the Luritja/lower southern Aranda, my father is Adnyamathanha, which is made up of Kuyani, Warlpi Yuranah, Pelaluppa and Yadliarah, four nation of the Flinders Ranges. my love of painting extends from my culture,
now days I teach my Daughter and my three Grand daughters.

Ngarlaa, Ngayan and Ngintaka Donovan: these three little girls are the children of Juanella McKenzie and Michael Donovan. They are Gumbaynggirr, Adnyamathanha and Luritja descent. Although only 6, 4 and 3 years old these little girls are heavily involved in creating and practicing culture with their parents and families. They often collaborate with their Mum, Dad and maternal Grandmother Regina McKenzie.