We Are Here Now



WHEN: 30 May 2018 – 3 Jun 2018


We Are Here Now. Don't keep history a mystery.

So many aspects of life and history are in plain sight, but they are not talked about, glossed over or sometimes forgotten altogether. We are working with the cultural elephant in the room.

We want to challenge society’s ideas, break down stereotypes and serve up a real slice of community housing life.

Who are community housing residents? What are our stories? We want to bring people together, to learn and share our cultures and invite communities in to engage with difference. We want to educate our audience, by telling our stories, drawing attention to parts of our histories that aren’t spoken about, stories half-forgotten or never acknowledged.

Community housing artists and makers put truth on the table for National Reconciliation Week 2018.

Opening Wednesday 30th May | 6–8pm.

Continues until Sunday 3rd June.

Gallery open Tuesday–Sunday 11am–5pm.