WAWAWOW “Fluoro Fitzwilliam” Single Launch



WHEN: 8-11.45pm – 22 Jul 2017

COST: $10 on door

Sydney psych-junk weirdos WAWAWOW are hitting the stage to launch their new single "Fluoro Fitzwilliam", joined by an impressive lineup of acts from across the country. Mixed by Dane Burge of Slumberhaze, the feverish single is five fuzzed out minutes of deranged psych pop, inspired by the repetitive whine of a pitch perfect house cat. Joining WAWAWOW at 107 will be Adelaide’s darlings Neon Tetra, pioneers of weird Light Entertainment and local groove machine Mamajae.

Taking a square, Devo-esque approach to the modern psychedelic sound, WAWAWOW combine jittery synth-bass and stiff drums defied with sporadic B-52s style vocals, resulting in something resembling Dungen covered by a group of high school nerds. With “a big, eccentric sound that Sydney will surely be hearing a lot more from”, WAWAWOW have made an off colour splash on the Sydney circuit in 2017, winning over audiences in support slots for a variety of high profile acts. February’s debut single Space Invaders was met with positive reviews, described by Happy Mag as “frantic and frenzied, but it’s also tight and elegantly meshed together”.

Psychedelic cat projections and triggered rope lights add to the band’s praised live performance. “From fuzz, squeaks and sounds so strange they can never be replicated again to glowing drumsticks and black lights, seeing WAWAWOW is supposed to be a show.”


Sydney's WAWAWOW have a name to suit the magic – it’s half jam, half Tetris. Carved out of the itches of four frustrated instrumentalists, the group evolved from a like-this-but-weirder attitude to something unstable, eccentric and groovy, resulting in an organ filled “psych-junk” sound described as “King Gizzard for kids that keep their shirt on”.

With a bent, frenzied view of the psych-rock genre, WAWAWOW combine jittery synth-bass and stiff drums defied with sporadic B-52s style vocals, like some form of Charles Mingus trainwreck. The four-piece alternate between rhythmic refrain and fuzzy overkill, using pudgy effects to create a “cheeky, trippy, and delightfully screwy” feel. Blacklights, glowing drumsticks and triggered beams lights add to the band’s praised live show, with a non-stop monolithic performance that has been electrifying Sydney audiences throughout 2017.

With further singles and an EP to be released in the next 12 months, WAWAWOW are throwing out a “big, eccentric sound that Sydney will surely be hearing a lot more from.” Dig it now and dig it fast.

Neon Tetra:

Within sixth months of their debut short play album Chance, Neon Tetra had achieved more radio success with second EP Dos and a range of guest supports for Miami Horror, The Belligerents, Ecca Vandal and APES in early 2017. ‘Reflections’ is the next single from their new space at Big Window Studios. Blending familiar sounds of modular analog synthesizer, syncopated funk breaks and uplifting grooves - with the introspective lyrics and vocal range of front man Josh Allen, Neon Tetra will have you immersed in aural pleasure.


Mamajae are a 5-piece group hailing from the east coast of Australia. Their dynamic sets weave a plane of dark and emotive soundscapes, drawing listeners in with their surreal song structures.
Their second EP 'The Red Edge' due in upcoming months communicates the bold progression the music is taking, a strong follow up from their debut release Hummingbird premiered just six months prior.

Light Entertainment:

Light Entertainment formed in 2016 in Sydney. Drawing on influences including Can, Faust, Charles Mingus, Barry Adamson and more, the group fluctuate between 3 and 6 members pending on the performance.