WAO PhotoTalks


WHEN: 6:30 - 8:30pm – 14 Jan 2022

COST: $10

WHO: Tas Obrien

TICKETS: Book now

Doors open at 6.30 pm for a 7.00 start.
Getting there: Train (Redfern station), Bus to Redfern, Car (street parking)

What are the WAO PhotoTalks?
The PhotoTalks began as an alternative way to exhibit and publish photos in books. It allows every passionate photographer the opportunity to showcase their work as a presentation while telling stories about their photographs. These gatherings end up becoming collective learning experiences as the audience and the presenting photographer gain deeper insights through the art of storytelling.
These PhotoTalks make it easy to connect to others who share your passion which will inspire your photography.

Who comes to WAO PhotoTalks?
Professional photographers, amateur photographers, writers, bloggers, travelers, smartphone photographers, editors, teachers, artists, musicians, accountants, lawyers, retirees. All curious people who love photography and the intrigue of a story.
Every four weeks we invite a photographer to present their work and share their stories. Be inspired and discover something new. Bring a friend, we love company!

Upcoming Photographer - Tas Obrien

"I work with animals. Bird training and behavior consulting at an avian-only veterinary practice in Carlingford. I also operate a rare breeds farm focussed on preserving the genetics of heritage livestock and vulnerable new breeds to Australia.
My interest in photography has evolved as part of this work and life with animals.
I work regularly in advertising and education projects and also use my photography as part of the research process in wild bird studies.
I enjoy many genres of photography and love shooting on film as well as digital. I have recently exhibited work for Project 730, Aussie Street Festival- streets on film exhibition, and Perth Royal National Photography Exhibition.
My passion is photographing animals and capturing who they are (to me).
My current photographic body of work features the Eclectus Parrot and its niche habitat at Iron Range in Cape York. This study is undertaken in partnership with Dr. Rob Marshall towards the publication of a major book on the parrot species.
My presentation features photography undertaken as part of this project."