#wanderlust: slide night @ grandma’s



WHEN: 2 May 2018 – 13 May 2018


Sydney artist Emmy Walsh combines old with the new in her photographic exploration of the Anthropocene in the digital age. With a particular interest in eco-focused enquiry, Emmy explores the consequences of human interference on idyllic natural environments in the face of mass tourism and social media exposure.

In a retro lounge-room installation, viewers are invited to observe the photographic series in a homely space for a good old-fashioned slide night at grandma's.

"I was going through boxes of albums and found fading Kodak film photographs from grandma's travels. Hawaii, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, loads of aerial shots she had taken from the plane." Emmy said.

"What struck me were the panoramic expanses of green pastures and untouched landscapes. It's only been about 50 years, but they would be very different photographs if taken today.

"Grandma's photographs serve as a backdrop for overlaid visual of acrobatic performance, exploring the gradual yet inevitable interruption humans bear on the environment."

#wanderlust: slide night @ grandma's seeks to facilitate important conversations surrounding the relationship between human and environment, asking us to question the true cost of mass tourism and the authenticity of our curated experiences. When human presence compromises the flourishing of fragile ecosystems, can nature lovers and travellers truly justify their insatiable wanderlust? What trail is left behind, long after we have left?

Join Emmy and friends for the opening night, 6-8pm on Wednesday 9 May 2018.

Exhibition dates Wednesday 2nd–Sunday 13th May

Opening night Wednesday 9th May | 6-8pm.

Gallery open Tuesday–Sunday 11am–5pm.

About the Artist

Emmy Walsh is an Australian artist based in Sydney. As a keen naturalist, her work predominantly revolves around eco-critical observation and commentary, exploring the impact of human activity both digital (social media) and physical (consumerism, pollution, mass tourism) on the natural environment. Emmy graduated with a BA in Visual Art and Literature and is currently studying her Masters of English at Sydney University. Through literary and visual enquiry, Emmy investigates philosophy and implications surrounding anthropocentrism, and the connection/disconnection between humans and the environment.