Up Up and Away



WHEN: Public Access 24/7 – 31 Oct 2031

COST: Free

WHO: Victoria Hempstead

Up Up and Away is a permanent public mural that brings to life a modern-day Peter Pan character who is returning from adventures to arrive back at Central Park Mall Parents Room.

Commissioned by Central Park Mall and painted by Victoria Hempstead, Up Up and Away transforms the parents room into a space infused with funfair whimsy and playfulness. The mural is inspired by the aesthetic of early 20th Century French circus, full of playful and colourful details that also incorporate elements of the mall.

The Central Park Mall platform is re-imagined in the mural as a launchpad for the hot air balloon, while the ribbons of the hot air balloon are decorated with messages of positivity.

We see blank walls as opportunities for creativity and storytelling, and we invite you to do the same with Up Up and Away!

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