Unseen: Augmented Reality Art Exhibition



WHEN: 6pm 19 Feb 2020 – 24 Feb 2020

COST: Free


Highlighting the silent influences in our lives, "Unseen" is an interactive art exhibition that uses Augmented Reality (AR) to create a virtual space where our deeper realities are exposed, which is usually unseen and invincible.

"Unseen" is a series that reveals the invisible causes and effects of personal experiences and an opportunity to explore the intersection between technology and art. Each piece takes an ordinary illustrated scene reveals a hidden perspective with AR, giving the audience an intimate and first-hand experience as well as looking at everyday scenarios in a different light. Each piece has a different theme to it and touches on different areas that are usually subconscious driving forces in how people live and act, such as mental health, life obstacles and the difficulties that come with cultural assimilation. The aim of the exhibit is to prompt people to be more empathetic and understanding towards others, who may come from a different place mentally and physically, to make the world a better place.