WHEN: 6 - 8pm 14 Apr 2020 – 16 Apr 2020

COST: Free

Karolina’s painting today is heavily influenced by textile, fashion and fiber art.
Ornamental elements such as patterns, repeats, stitch-work, mixed
media is present in many of her current works. She is a multi-talented artist
with a variety of interests that keep her works unique, fresh and visionary.
Her inspiration to create comes from an innate urge to experiment and constantly
expand her vision. Learning new skills is essential in her process as she incorporates these skills to create the unusual, the authentic, the beautiful.
Karolina enjoys painting nudes, landscapes, portraits, animals, abstract on
canvas, walls, surfboards, skateboards, basically anything and everything.
Her art knows no limit in themes, styles, techniques and expression.
She loves creating and the process that comes with it.
Come and be the part of this unmissable experience!