Under · Line- Sydney Edition



WHEN: 6 - 8pm 24 Jan 2020 – 2 Feb 2020

COST: Free

Under · Line comes to its fourth destinations at Sydney. Taken form as an experimental exhibitions-in-progress, the edition in 107 will be a sound-driven time-based exhibition.

Line, the most basic and primitive form of visual art expression is the starting point of the project, 7 artists from Hong Kong this time will forge possibilities out of uncertainties at 107 with their works of sound, multichannel projections, sculptural intervention, digital images, paintings and performance.

Exhibition Opening:
24 Jan 2002 | 6-8pm

Julvian HO
Jamsen LAW
LEE Suet Ying
LING Pui Sze
Dino RIB
TSANG Chui Mei
Elaine WONG

Curated by:
Jamsen LAW