Two Up


WHEN: 6pm – 27 Sep 2015

COST: $10

Two Up is a talk series that combines two completely unrelated topics in back to back lectures. The floor is then opened up to the audience for a fun and impulsive round of questioning, encouraging interaction between speakers and ideas.

Two Up is for inquisitive minds both young and old. It’s a bit silly and very educational. In a world of increasing specialisation Two Up creates a space where get outside of your box. This round is throwing together Idea Bombing and Craft Beer!

Idea Bombing / Dan Illic
The ubiquitous Dan Illic has been making you laugh and then making you think on your radio/television/computer screen and maybe even on stage, potentially without you even realizing it. He is the man behind A Rational Fear, Hungry Beast and most recently held the title of Senior Satire producer at AJ+. He will be coming to Two Up to teach us how to make content that changes minds.

Craft Beer / Oscar McMahon
Bringing the art back to brewing beer, Oscar McMahon is half the force behind Sydney’s very own Young Henry’s. He will be coming to Two Up with an ‘ale’ or
two to tell about the making of craft beer. He may even share with you some ‘larger’ stories about how craft beer has changed tune around our local watering holes.