Traffic Street


WHEN: 7pm 4 Sep 2015 – 6 Sep 2015

COST: $20/15

The Kvetch Set Presents Traffic Street

Traffic Street follows the interweaving stories of several Inner West flatmates; the guy who never leaves his room and communicates only by Skype, the chick that starts a complicated art project on the kitchen table and never finishes it, the corporate dude who is definitely better than everyone else and that guy with the moustache. Just a bunch of normal flatmates, until one day they learn that they will be evicted and their house demolished to make way for the world's largest underground road system. Internet comedy makers, The Kvetch Set Sketch Collective, venture out from behind the lens to present Traffic Street; absurd, satirical and close to home! Featuring Jacqui Robson, Seaton Kay-Smith, Dominic Witkop, Travis Spiteri, Sam Bjorndahl, Raphael Stephens and David Lynton, with additional material provided by David Bourke, Penelope Berkemeier, Jed Holmes and Pat McGee. Lighting Design by Victor Areces. Directed by Alana Hicks, produced by Alana Hicks and Raphael Stephens. Written by The Kvetch Set.

Prices are $20-full, $15 concession, $17-groups of 6 or more and the link for ticket sales is below.