This is where we Belong



WHEN: 23 Apr 2019 – 5 May 2019


VENUE: 107 Redfern

Where is home? Each of us would answer this question so differently. It can be the place you feel you most belong, the country and city you were born and grew up in. It might be your family.

In my life and work as an international transformational artist, I explore and create opportunities for belonging: to ourselves, our loved ones, our environment and to something greater. My paintings celebrate the glorious complexities of our human stories, allowing people to identify, and feel connected to emotions, colours and ideas. People find themselves in my work, they find belonging and a sense of home.

With my Art Students I go through the same process. Their work starts with one wish which is close to their heart for themselves and how to communicate that out into the world, as well as finding in these the communal needs of us as people in this world, reflecting a bigger need.

The outcome is outstanding and exciting and very diverse.

Opening night Wednesday 24th April | 6-8pm.

Gallery Open Tuesday – Sunday | 11am-5pm.

About the Artist

I was born in Germany, into a family of intellectuals with no heart connection. It has been my life’s quest to find and create a sense of belonging and connection in myself, and through my art to offer a way for others to find themselves, to belong and connect.

Driven to express these deep heart bonds, my work explores our inner realms, bringing them to life as exquisite representations of our multi-dimensional selves. Tangible works that communicate – without words – the human qualities and energies that connect us all.
I moved to Australia in 1996 where I am a full-time artist based in Sydney. My profile as an international transformational artist has a focus on belonging. Painting for me is a physical and ethereal process, a fast and strong dance with light. I have been referred to as a midwife of dreams; a light dancer.

It is the freedom to express very big and to be “loud”, to touch and to be real, I enjoy most in my art.

Since 2016 I am teaching art, with the focus on providing a space of self-expression.
I work with my students on finding their own way of expression and their own walk through creativity, supporting them to let colour and marks make it’s way into their works, emerging from their own personality.

I absolutely love the process of supporting my students in finding confidence and be on their journey, finding the transformation from insecurity to delight with all the shades in between, highly rewarding.