Their Day: Beading By Donation



WHEN: 5-8PM – 19 Jul 2023

COST: By Donation

VENUE: 107 Redfern

The "Beading by Donation" event is a meaningful initiative that aims to create a small, intimate space for non-binary individuals and allies to connect, share stories, and find solace.

This event serves as an extension of a successful exhibition held the previous Saturday, providing an opportunity for attendees to reconnect and build a stronger community.

Through the art of beading, participants will engage in a calming and healing experience, creating jewelry pieces, bookmarks, or pursuing other creative activities. The event seeks to offer a mid-week respite, allowing individuals to ground themselves, relax, and find comfort amidst their busy lives.

Our goal is to foster connections and encourage the sharing of personal narratives. By creating a safe and supportive environment, we aim to facilitate meaningful exchanges, build a sense of belonging, and empower individuals within the non-binary community and their allies.

We will create a warm and inviting space, where attendees can find solace, explore their creativity, and forge lasting connections.