The Story Between



WHEN: 2.30-4pm 26 Apr 2019 – 27 Apr 2019

COST: $22/$60 (family ticket)


Step into the magical world of puppetry and create your own puppets from paper and cardboard. Beautiful creatures of the sea and land will fly across the screens in the space as you make your very own shadow puppetry show. The workshop will be facilitated by artists who will help you crunch and twist paper into little people, little friends to take on a journey into the The Story Between. You and your puppets can then perform in the show alongside the professional artists in; The Story Between.

Flowing seamlessly from the workshop the The Story Between is a contemporary puppetry work that follows Anh on her journey across the sea and into the unknown. It is a story drawn from many accounts of migration to Australia and is a timely and gentle exploration into an important story for young and old.

Be part of our workshop and performance, or just enjoy watching everything unfold from live music and foley to the dynamic blend of animation and shadow puppetry bringing the space alive. This workshop is suitable for people aged 5+ and their families.

Collaborating artists include Keila Terencio, Cassandra Ng, Merindah Funnell, Ebony Zderic and Jane Grimley

No one will be left behind on our journey to talk about making it possible for your family or group to come please call Jane 0413766064 or email

107 is an accessible space and to talk more about your needs or what the performance might feel like please call Jane 0413766064 or email

Photo: Mansoor Noor