The Space In-Between



WHEN: Times Vary 30 Oct 2020 – 1 Nov 2020

COST: $10

TICKETS: Eventbrite

The Space In-Between is an immersive installation piece coming in November 2020, exploring the differences between expectation and reality. It presents a surreal, inside out world encouraging our audience to engage in processing this difference and allowing them to indulge in the experience.

The Space In-Between is the brainchild of Zoe Benjamin, a multimedia artist working alongside a talented group of graduating AFTRS screen creatives. Similar to the successful Pipilotti Rist exhibition Sip My Ocean, and reminiscent of the upcoming Van Gogh Alive, The Space In-Between is a perfect addition to a city crying out for art in a post-COVID environment.

Audiences can interact and explore our recognisable but unfamiliar world which mixes the inside and outside works of a backyard BBQ scene and a suburban home; engaging in a playful and escapist manner removed from expectation and reality. You can take your shoes off and feel the grass/carpet under your feet, You can stick your head through the TV to find an upside down miniature world, or even find the miniature ecosystem living in the secret garden growing from the BBQ; soaking in all the little details the space offers.

Ultimately the choice is yours, but however active you choose to be, there are ways for everyone to immerse in a manner that allows you to escape the anxiety and pressures of the outside world.

There will be multiple limited sessions across three wonderful days, with ample time to check out the exhibition and grab a drink with your friends at the bar afterwards. So pick a time and book your tickets now!