The Rich Tapestry of Contemporary Life



WHEN: 6 - 8pm 14 Apr 2020 – 19 Apr 2020

COST: Free

We live in exciting and uncertain times. Humanity will have to rapidly reassess how it sees itself and its relationship with the world if we are to face the challenges that lie ahead.

Major transitions are occurring on a multitude of levels. This decade will see the introduction of ever more advanced AI and algorithms. This, along with the merger of bio technology and info tech can reinvent what it means to be a human being. Geopolitical shifts and living with increasing ramifications of climate change will create further disruption and uncertainty. Old paradigms and the accompanying storylines that no longer serve us well will have to be dismantled if we are to continue as a viable species.   

It is fortunate that our brain’s neuroplasticity allows us to rewire neural pathways. Collectively we can reconsider and reframe our strong identification with our various labels and previously conditioned cultural mindsets. Much focus and energy is channelled toward constructing and maintaining an identity based on our cultural, religious, gender and societal frameworks. However, this is not the full actuality of who we really are. Our cultural norms are transitory and not set in concrete. Life unfolds, people evolve, adapt and transform. 

Emerging research and new developments in the mind/brain sciences offer alternate viewpoints. As unique individuals we are capable of experiencing ourselves as beyond being just a disparate set of thoughts, feelings and reactions. 

Epigenetics can assist humanity embrace our interdependent and interconnected relationship with the environment. Connection, understanding and respectful stewardship of the biosphere is required, rather than undermining the web of life by rapacious individual and corporate greed. 

Quantum physics states that all matter is energy. We are all located somewhere on the spectrum of awareness. Consciousness creates our reality. We are life personified.

In uncertain times, navigating and adapting to the challenges of the Anthropocene age requires resilience, relinquishment, restoration and reconciliation. It is my hoped-for intention that the paintings making up ‘The Rich Tapestry of Contemporary Life’ exhibition will contribute a small awareness and energy toward creating a new renaissance - an artistic, intellectual and spiritual evolution. Exciting times indeed.