The Present Moment


WHEN: 11.30AM–1.00PM 28 Jul 2015 – 20 Sep 2015

COST: $20

Being Present are a series of classes designed to give artists the skills necessary to ground them in their work in order to give engaging performances. The classes are a forum with which I can share my knowledge and experience in acting, meditation and physical therapy, to empower artists to embrace and develop their emotional qualities. Students will also acknowledge, empower and manage their obstacles and barriers to performance.The modern day performer experiences an overload of information, stimuli and a constant notion that “there isn't enough time” yet they are taught more skills than any other generation before them. The current performing arts methodology is one of technique - your technique will see you through. This is an invaluable part of any performers journey - to learn and master a technique that they can mould into their own. The current performer isn't lacking in technique but something much more fundamental. The skill I am talking about is one of being present. This invaluable skill is what we are seeing when we watch our favourite actors on stage or screen.Through my years of work as a physical therapist (massage therapy), meditation and extensive acting training I bring a nurturing, supportive and empowering class - where students take the lead in their own training.

It aims to empower actors in 2 ways


1) Bring the artist to the present (bring to awareness their thoughts, feelings, physicality)
2) Acknowledge their present moment (they don’t have to like where they are currently at - but to take any action towards change - acknowledgement is needed)# Once the artist has a sense of the present moment they are now ready to playPlay

3) Make a choice (Through supporting themselves emotionally & physically artist is ready to play)
4) Execute that choice.Through a series of gentle physical exercises partnered with guided imagination work students will begin to engage fully in their process and support themselves to become present performers.Classes are 11.30am–1pm every Tuesday and Thursday.A little bit about me, Sefton Handley.

Acting training - Bruce Alexander (Melbourne Acting Studio)

Meditation - Centrepoint Research Institute - 8 years
Massage Therapist - Australian Institute of Massage - 8 years experience as a practitionerThe unique combination of my skill set allows for a deep understanding of the link between  emotions and the body from their roots and how to work with them on a physical level.- Wil Traval, Pamela French, Bill Pepper (NIDA)

- Billy Milionis, Luke Ford, Aaron Glenane (The Actors Pulse)