The Last Human



WHEN: 6PM & 8PM – 16 Dec 2023

COST: Pay What You Can

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VENUE: 107 Redfern

Join us for a first in the world of AI-augmented performance as we drop you into an immersive cyber-noir world where human actors, guided by AI-generated dialogue, unravel an existential murder mystery in real-time in an ever-changing theatrical landscape.

Welcome to 'The Last Human': Embark on an immersive journey with this first-of-its-kind AI-augmented theater experience. Our show blends the intrigue of a cyberpunk noir murder mystery with groundbreaking AI technology, creating a unique narrative each night. Watch as human actors, guided by AI-generated dialogue, unveil a story that's never been told before and will never be repeated.

The Experience: Iconic figures like Donald Trump and Shakespeare set the stage, brainstorming the story's outline. From there, a detective and femme fatale, portrayed by our actors, improvise a novel one-act play based on these AI-crafted twists. The performance culminates with a critique from a character inspired by Hunter S. Thompson, adding a layer of intellectual depth.

Your Role: As an audience member, you're invited to engage with the unfolding drama in a dynamic environment. Move around, choose your perspective, and witness the seamless blend of real and virtual, onstage and offstage. This is more than a show – it's a foray into the future of storytelling and a sneak peek into the evolving metaverse.