The Joy and Mischief Project



WHEN: 6:30PM - 8:30PM 2 Mar 2023 – 20 Jun 2023

COST: $5 Donation

VENUE: 107 Redfern

The Joy and Mischief project is for people who want to get involved in climate action but need a way of keeping the work slow and gentle. Each month, we will make a different upcycled artwork with a social and environmental justice message.

The Joy and Mischief project is a fortnightly workshop series where we make handcrafted, upcycled works that are politically motivated. Whether that’s making a present with a message for a politician or shareholder; or artworks to tie up around your neighbourhood. The work we make can be done in a slow, quiet and socially distant way – but the messages speak for themselves.

Each month we have a new facilitator who will talk us through a different social or environmental justice issue, and Eav will teach making and crafting skills to make a community of activated artists!

No experience necessary, we welcome newcomers at any time.

If you have any embroidery or your preferred crafting tools at home, feel free to bring them along (optional).

Eav Brennan

Eav Brennan is a design researcher and comics artist who works telling stories about ecology. Her work has been exhibited at environmental gatherings and art galleries around the world. She is also a disabled woman and hopes to do her bit to make the future, and the environmental movement, more safe and accessible for people like her.