The Cabin


WHEN: 8pm 1 Mar 2017 – 3 Mar 2017

COST: $25/20

Stop all the cocks, pat down the doonas, fold back the towel ends and silence the laminex with a juicy boner - it's time to enter The Cabin.  Half confessional storytelling, half gay man trying a little too hard to make people laugh, and at least fifty percent a serious contemplation on the struggle to find happiness, love and contentment in a cruel, cruel world. The Cabin is David's cri de coeur du jour...on tour. You will laugh tears of joy and think about life for the rest of your life. You will literally have a "gay" old time if you come and see this play, called The Cabin.

Part of the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Festival for 2017.

Duration: One hour
Devised & Performed by: David McLaughlin
Production: Carolyn Mattick