The Agar Dish Bird Edition


WHEN: 6-8.30pm – 5 Oct 2016

COST: Donation

For this special event, the agar dish artists respond to the ‘Bird Connections’ exhibition with interactive and live works inspired by birdlife.

The agar dish is an artist-run-initiative that encourages a collision and collaboration of different disciplines and art forms by incorporating performance, dance, sound art, kinetic sculpture, live art demonstrations, installation, music, interactive works and any other forms of immediate art. As an ongoing series of events, the agar dish aims to provide an outlet for artists to present new and experimental works that can only function with the presence and participation of an audience. The focus of these events is to form a connection with the audience through works that can be touched and interacted with or, are live events happening in the moment.

This event is supported by the City of Sydney.