Tension and Alloy



WHEN: 6pm, 24 Mar 2022 – 4 Apr 2022

COST: Free

WHO: Claire Tennant, Shok Machine

TICKETS: Register here for the opening night

Through this body of work, artist Claire Tennant captures and depicts various deeply personal erotic practices which are prevalent behind the closed doors of the kink and fetish communities around Australia.

In reproducing these ephemeral acts as physical castings, Tennant invites the viewer to focus their gaze on the minutiae of the moment. Every crack, crevice and pressure on the skin is captured. Tennant has chosen a palate of cold-cast metals to reproduce her work.

The soft, malleable skin is juxtaposed against the cold, hard metal finishes, giving them a rawness that speaks to the acts themselves.

Accompanied by a unique soundscape of electronic and mechanic rhythms and pulses by composer and media artist Craig Saunders, the show becomes an immersive experience for all senses

107 Redfern St is a licensed venue, BYO alcohol is not permitted.

*Restricted to adults 18 years and over - contains sexually explicit content.*

Opening night Thursday 24th March 2022

Exhibition open Tuesday to Saturday 11am to 5pm

Claire Tennant is a Sydney based artist and mould maker who has been working in the visual arts realm for the past 20 years.

With a background in industrial design, film and television, she brings a technical eye to the world of sculpture. Finding a particular passion for the medium of life- casting, Claire has spent several years pushing the technique and the subject matter to the extremes.

Craig Saunders: Media artist and composer
Having studied fine arts Craig moved to a professional career in animation, games, and film, as an artist, director, sound designer, composer, and producer and worked on a number of blockbuster films and AAA games. In recent year has lectured in Media Arts at UNSW.

For many years he has been active in the alternative music community, a part of numerous electronic music acts as writer, producer, and performer, and for the past few years has been developing his visual art practices combining experimental music and digital imagery.