Synthesis by Nadeena Dixon



WHEN: Public Access 24/7 – 15 Apr 2021

COST: Free

Location: South Eveleigh Precinct

107 was thrilled to have collaborated with our corporate neighbours in South Eveleigh to create a temporary public artwork series that reflects our joint commitment to support emergent artists.

An array of artists have been selected to feature in the REFLECTION series at South Eveleigh.

An Indigenous Australian artist, Nadeena Dixon grew up within the cosmology of Gadigal “Garrigarang Nura” (Saltwater Country) cultural practices and her family kinships include Gadigal, Bidjigal, Dharawal,Gwegal, Wangal and Dharug Peoples.

“Synthesis” is the embodiment of Dixon’s ongoing cultural and spiritual connection to the twenty-nine clan groups of the Sydney Basin’s First Peoples to Country. 

Integrated in the work is a self-portrait superimposed with traditional weaving techniques, taught to her from knowledge systems handed down within her family since Millennia.  The artwork asks viewers to see beyond contemporary timeframes, to witness an Indigenous face that blurs timelines between today’s Gadigal people and the unbroken lineage of their ancestors. 

This large scale public work illuminates the entry garden stairs as visitors move through the precinct.

This artwork series is a collaborative partnership between South Eveleigh and 107 Projects and reflects our commitment to support emergent artists and transform how creative industries engage with the community to create positive connections and social change.

Synthesis 2011
Original art work Digital Drawing
You can view the her other works on Nadeena  website.