WHEN: 22 Nov 2017 – 3 Dec 2017


In a technological landscape of fake news, drone pizza deliveries, Trump/Weinstein accelerationist denial, and total device dominance, SYNCX takes aim at some of the big questions that frame our fascination with technology.

SYNCXv0.001: of technology, intimacy and violence charts the practices of emerging and established media artists exploring human and post-human digital teleologies, the post-internet aesthetic and the search for authenticity in the age of simulacra.

The SYNC Media Arts Festival was spawned from a collective of like-minded media artists, whose varied practices culminated in the inaugural SYNC Exhibition at Sheffer Gallery in 2013.

Now in its fourth year, the festival program has grown to include local and international artists presenting work through a two week public exhibition, live performance event, video screenings and artists talks.

2017 participating artists include: Teigan Kollosche, Nick Wishart, Stephen Dobson, Hirofumi Uchino, FMGrande, John Janson-Moore, Melanie Louis Eden, Justin Harvey, Bettina Frankham, Matte Rochford, Jon Drummond, Sissy Reyes, Grace Kingston, Greg Ferris, Safari Lee, Greg Shapley, Bryden Williams, Gwen Taualai, Alex Hoax, and Catfingers.

The Exhibition Opening will be on Wednesday the 22nd November 2017 at 6pm and will include performances by Hirofumi Uchino, FMGrande. The Performance Night on Friday the 24th November 2017 at 8pm will feature Catfingers, Alex Hoax, Jon Drummond, Melanie Louis Eden, Teigan Kollosche and FMGrande.

Stay tuned for random SYNCXv0.001 events outside of the exhibition and the Performance night.

Gallery open Tuesday–Saturday 11am–6pm | Sunday 11am–4pm.