SYNC!! Symposium


WHEN: 12-5pm – 12 Jul 2014

COST: $ Unknown


Douglas Kahn | Chris Caines | Sam Ferguson
Teigan Kollosche | Miguel Feleipe Valenzuela
Dr Josh Harle | Danielle Zorbas

SYNC!! is a media arts exhibition which dissects the relationship between technology, DNA, digital detritus and the sublime- whilst playfully attempting to plot our place in it.

The SYNC!! SYMPOSIUM will take a closer look at the ways in which we perceive, use, interact, make and work with technology as well as the themes explored by the exhibition.

Beyond Green: Remediating Media Ecologies
With stockpiles of waste resulting from technological advancement, speciation, obselescence and consumer demand creating one giant headache for genertions to come KEYNOTE SPEAKER DOUGLAS KAHN asks What is involved in putting nature back into media? In his paper Beyond Green: Remediating Media Ecologies he looks at Electronic waste, resource depletion, poisoned workers, toxic manufacturing sites, energy drain of server farms, etc., rightfully comprised green media concerns, but are there possibilities for radical positivity beyond discourses of pollution?

PANEL 1 Chris Caines, Sam Ferguson, Teigan Kollosche
Artsist Film Maker and Academic Chris Caines considers where the borderlands lie between an artists experience and technological determinism, especially in the fields of moving image, sound and online production. How the dialogue with complex tools may not only shape the work of an individual, but also in some cases more broadly genres and aesthetic trends.
Teigan Kollosche's paper "The Lure of the Installation or It’s all fun and games until..." looks at the fascinating world of installation art itself, it's machine like mechanical historical roots in Eadweard Muybridges’ zoopraxiscope stop motion photography (1876) to real-time video art such as Christian Marclays’ The Clock (2010), the paper will discuss the experiences and perceptions of the real or not so real within boundaries that may or may not exist. Artist and researcher SAM FERGUSON looks at the importance of feedback. Feedback is usually seen as a chaotic process to be avoided if possible, but methods to harness feedback can create new generative systems. He will present a system for controlling and manipulating an audio feedback loop, as well as a work that is based on exploiting feedback in the visual domain, utilising looped video cameras and displays.

(3.45 - 5.00)
PANEL 2 Miguel Feleipe Valenzuela, Dr Josh Harle, Danielle Zorbas
Artsist and Educator Miguel Felipe Valenzuela's paper "Human/Machine: War, technology and the human machine" searches for the delineation in media landscapes between, control, controlled and controller. Dr Josh Harle “Capture and Theft: putting the world in a box” discusses the ethical issues surrounding emerging scanning and mapping technologies, with reference to his upcoming Australia Council residency in Western Australia. Danielle Zorbas in "Video Art, 2014: Noise in the Signal" Looks at the work of Contemporary Video Artists Hito Steyerl and Ryan Trecartin and how they blend data and spectacle to subvert the open-context feedback loop of the Internet through rhizomatic metatexts.

Please bring a printed ticket (or screenshot) to the Symposium to complete your registration at the event. We would appreciate participants to arrive 15 minutes prior to the commencement of the first speaker.

Please visit the SYNC!! website to download a program and more info about the speakers:

30minute periods are planned for Q&A sessions after each panel.